A strictly monitored particle composition makes it possible for companies in a variety of fields having better products. However, are particle testing and analysis services mandatory? Yes, they are. From pharmaceutical products, to those used in construction industries, all must meet certain standards and compositions. For example, on all final products in a large spectrum of industries, there must be run a surface area analysis, for determining aspects such as how homogenous the composition of the final products is, if the processes must be adjusted for providing higher quality products. Of course, this all happens under strict supervising from a team of chemical and molecular experts. Oftentimes, this analysis includes testing for BET surface area, micro pore volume, micro pore surface area, microscopy, total pore volume, adsorption pore size distribution. All these help companies adjust their products, compounds and technologies for improving the overall quality of their products.

Also, certain laboratories offer chemical analysis services. They help determine the chemical composition of a variety of products used production processes as well as compounds, using advanced analytical processes. Of course, for accurate results, all tests must be performed using high technology equipment. Well-trained personnel is also mandatory, because all substances must be carefully handled. Moreover, European regulations require chemical testing for quality certificate purposes. As you may imagine, they are mandatory for a large number of companies. Chemical analysis services oftentimes include chemical composition analysis, chemical regulatory compliance testing, chemical trace analysis, chemical contamination detection and analysis. Many of those, such as chemical contamination analysis must be performed in the fastest manner possible, because the security of consumers and production flow can be highly affected by it. For this reason, many testing laboratories have high tech technologies and substances.

Laser diffraction particle size analysis is an important process for determining if the particles in a product are at regulated sizes. Particle density is also relevant, for both adjusting production processes, as well as product’s quality. If in need of such services, best it would be to start searching for laboratories with a high quality of technological devices, well-trained personnel, and developed processes. If you wonder what industries these services are appropriate for, you must know they cover a fairly large spectrum, from agrochemicals and pesticides, healthcare and food industries, auditing services, engineering, construction, retail, and the list goes on. Especially companies in beauty industry find them useful, performing high quality audits, making reliable suggestions in terms of processes, trails, compounds used and improvements that can be made to a variety of products.

All laboratories in the field have highly trained personnel in chemical and molecular technology, with a solid background of technological and industrial knowledge, making it possible to adjust their approaches depending on each company’s products and particularities. For assuring accurate results, laboratories like Escubed Limited have in general at least an expert for every type of test they might encounter. Of course, the equipment and technologies used have a great role on accuracy as well.