As opposed to fiction, playwriting implies a lot of work. More precisely, it is necessary to go through numerous readings and discussions so that the work will be suitable for being re-enacted in front of a live audience. For this specific reason, the author has to be very careful with the words and settings that he uses. A deep insight of the full dimension is required because the work produced will receive observations. Students who are talented when it comes to writing do not have any trouble describing the things that they see or hear on a daily basis. After participating in theatre workshops or coming home from a show, not few are the pupils that think they could have done a better job. For the vast majority of aspiring writers, the only chance to get their work to the public is by way of submitting it to a playwriting competition. The first thing that comes to the mind of any student is why participate in the first place. Well, competitions of this sort are meant to motivate you to write some more.

Contrary to popular belief, the odds of winning are not at all low. There are many companies that organise competitions especially for students thinking ?How do I get my script performed? ? with the purpose of providing them the opportunity to stand out, but most importantly to invest in their creative writing. The first thing to take into consideration is that a national contest will require of you to react immediately and you thus experience a new way of learning. Playwriting is all about constructing a plot, dialogue and storytelling. In addition to this, the main benefit is that you learn how you should conduct research. Not only do you earn considerable experience, but if you do win, then your victory will be made know to all. Contests such as those organised by Sky Blue Theatre are an excellent addition to your resume. The reason for this is that a competition prove you have the necessary skills and aptitude to make a career. It will also be useful later on when you are trying to get a job.

The truth is that theatre projects are what determine students to invest in their writing. The only problem is that most school curriculums are not centered on playwriting programs, meaning that there is no real opportunity for students to have their plays performed. This is exactly the reason why so many companies are making efforts to organize competitions and theatre workshops. Although many contests do not offer you financial rewards, the fact that your play is performed by professional actors should be reward enough. Apart from this, the feedback that you receive contributes to developing your critical-thinking skills. This time your writing will not be just for the view of your teacher. The bottom line is that participating in playwright competitions helps you gain important experience and of course confidence. After such an experience, investing in your writing will not seem like a chore anymore.