A matter of growing concern at present is the issue of panic attack episodes that tend to occur more and more frequently among teenagers than adults. This incident may be explained by the fact that teens usually go through difficult periods, especially during adolescence. Adolescence can be a critical chapter for any youngster, due to the period of transition in which they experience a multitude of emotions and changes, which at times is quite overwhelming for some of them. Some are so sensitive that any little detail affects them more than the ordinary person and are thus prone to suffer from stress disorders. Nevertheless, concerned parents can help their children get panic attack help from experienced specialists and overcome this issue.

To begin with, there is no known cause for the appearance of anxiety episodes. The word attack in itself implies the fact that anxiety disorders take place very quickly largely unforeseen. The person is completely taken over by a feeling of terror that he cannot control and that drives him to act irrationally. It is irrational because the peril of the situation is exaggerated. This is the brain’s defense mechanism and as a result it takes measures in order to protect you. What is worse is that these episodes can even take place during sleep. Classic symptoms of stress disorder include rapid heartbeat, feeling dizzy, a sensation of tingling in the fingers, sweat and very frequently difficulties in breathing. As a general rule, they do not last more than 10 minutes, but there have been cases when persons have suffered from these symptoms even longer than that. The picture portrayed above does not look very good. In addition to this, those who have had the misfortune of experiencing panic attack are highly likely to experience them in the future as well. It is widely believed that the tendency to suffer from anxiety is dictated by each and everyone’s mental construction.

Those who have suffered some kind of trauma are likely to suffer from anxiety episodes as well. Consequently, you can find a panic away book in order to easy the bad situation.???? Furthermore, it is not the symptoms in themselves that are a great concern both to specialists and parents, but the effect that such disorders can have on the health and lifestyle of teenagers. As a result of recurrent anxiety attacks, many teens are ashamed of the situation and might even refuse to participate in school activities or get out of the house. They are perpetually obsessed with the thought that every external environment contains some element of threat or another and are thus alarmed that something bad might happen to them. What happens is that in the long run they end up completely abandoning their social lives and withdraw in themselves. They become outcasts. It is impossible to expect them to overcome this on their own. Parents should try to get to them and understand the degree of seriousness that such an illness involves, because after all it is an acknowledged illness.

Finally, there are many specialized centers that can help teens cope with their problems and websites such as Panic Attack Away that offer solid advice on how to manage and treat anxiety symptoms. Former sufferers are more than happy to share their experience and efficient remedies that they have tried. It is advisable to keep in mind that the recovery process is slow and hard, but not at all impossible. Moreover, schools should ensure that they have therapists ready to help students overcome such issues, simply by discussing feelings and problems, so as to not worsen this growing phenomenon and help our youth.