In the world of medical journals publishing one?s work can present some difficulties, especially if you don?t quite know who to address your results to. From the multitude of journals and special publications existing nowadays, how can one actually choose where to send important information so as it can be spread across for the masses and peers to see? What if someone is interested in making public a unique and groundbreaking anatomical pathology case report or any other similar work in the field of clinical research? What are his or her odds of ever seeing that precious study published for the whole medical community to see and the entire world to use? Believe it or not, these odds are very high so long as the author searches for a reputable medical journal with exceptional policies and fast reviewing times. A great example in this sense is OAJPC, a bi-annual publication with peer-reviewed articles that promise and deliver the most outstanding pieces of information in terms of clinical case studies. If you are interested in finding out more about how journals such as this have completely altered their field and brought new and imaginable opportunities for aspiring authors, then keep reading the following article.


Regardless if someone is interested in bringing forward a cardiothoracic surgery case report or any other form of results in clinical case studies, there is only one place where these critical data can be sent to in order to be made public: the specialized medical and biology oriented journals which are based online. As a matter of fact, the online environment is so rich in opportunities that many well known authors and publishers alike have made the transition from the classic, printed medical press to the web-based publications that have an extended number of perks for authors.


Examples of these advantages are many, but perhaps one of the most appreciated factors is related to the speed and ease with which the case reports are being reviewed. You can actually get published right away or, in most cases, sooner than you would have ever dreamt. And all you need to do is to follow a couple of critical steps when it comes to submitting your results and sending your work across. The feedback time is as low as 5 working days and this means an incredible opportunity for specialists who need to make their reports known as soon as possible. Every day matters when you are dealing with clinical cases and this is why speed is so vital for everyone.


In addition to all the above, modern day authors submitting their work to web based medical journals can enjoy the benefits of having multi-language consent forms for patients of other nationalities or ethnicities. With each submission, they are granted template for patient consent in as much as 10 languages. Last, but not least, the templates are incredibly easy to use and the submission process for a manuscript is something that any online user is able to handle with absolutely no difficulties!