Merimbula is a popular tourist destination in Australia situated halfway between Melbourne and Sydney. It is considered the jewel of the NSW Sapphire Coast, because of its awe inspiring scenery. The town is surrounded by beautiful national parks and golden beaches, making it ideal for family vacations, as well as for people passionate about surfing. There are many things to see and to do in Merimbula, from visiting museums to surfing and swimming. What is more, the whale population increases significantly in the spring and tourists can watch these fascinating creatures navigate the waters, a really thrilling experience especially for the kids. This is why you should start searching for accommodation Merimbula options a couple of weeks in advance, if you plan to visit the region during spring. The summer season is also quite agglomerated, because tourists come here to enjoy the scenery and the clean air from the National Parks, but also to surf and swim in the beautiful water that provide a breathtaking contrast with the golden sand beaches. If you wish to visit the NSW Sapphire Coast, you should expect to find many families here, because this region provides something for all tastes. If one of your children is passionate about swimming, while the others prefer to spend time in nature or watching the whales, you can satisfy all these different needs and desires at the same time.


Renowned for its temperate forests and beautifully rugged coastlines, Merimbula has managed to amaze and fascinate many tourists that keep coming back for more. There is always something new you can try in this town and region, as for instance taking a dolphin and whale watching cruise or taking a tour through the Killer Whale Museum. Children are always impressed and thrilled by the things you can visit in the museum such as complete killer whale skeletons and seafaring relics. Children can also take a tour of the Potoroo Palace where kangaroos, snakes, koalas, spot potoroos and many other similar fascinating animals roam freely. What is more, one can also go fishing and sail boarding on the inland waterways or the ocean, depending on preferences. The catch is also unique. The accommodation Merimbula NSW solutions are also family friendly with apartments and villas to rent, not to mention resorts that provide heated swimming pools and large playing grounds for customers.


It is important to seek accommodation in advance especially during the most agglomerated seasons. Fortunately, you can find places to rent rather easily in this area, if you visit online platforms like Besides family friendly accommodation, which is very popular, you will also be able to book rooms in hotels and resorts. All in all, Merimbula is a place where you and your family will have the opportunity to spend quality time together. Whether we talk about long walks in the stunning national parks, picnics or whale watching, there are many activities you can do once you arrive here, which are especially educational and fun for your children.