Wearing custom made suits and silk ties look great in certain occasions, but this outfit is not always suitable to any circumstances, which is why you must find a way to look neat without necessarily wearing a suit. Having a resourceful wardrobe may be expensive, but if you know how to combine your garments, you will be able to wear something different each day, without spending a lot of money. Even if business clothes are extremely classy, there are some men who do not feel comfortable wearing a suit, so they have to replace it with smart casual clothes. The main thing you should do is diversify: you should have some statement items and also matching accessories. Some jeans, many t-shirts and sneakers are the elements which have to be found in your wardrobe, but owning some bottom-down shirts and mens luxury slippers can get you out of a lot of trouble, especially if you have to attend a formal event and you do not know what to wear. In order to be well-dressed and create a personal style you have to be creative and courageous, but also remember the basic rules of a gentleman.


Looking sharp is not an easy thing to do, so if you want to stand out of the crowd and be original and stylish, there are some wardrobe pieces you have to own. While jeans a white t-shirt are the safe choice, you must add some personal elements if you want to obtain a personalized result. Being different seems to be the key to success, and even if you go for the classic combination (jeans a shirt), make sure you look casual yet dressy. Choose a shade darker than the traditional one, to bring an elegant touch to the outfit. Furthermore, you could replace common t-shirts with polo shirts ? the perfect combination between the sporting style and the classic one, in case you do not feel comfortable about wearing a bottom shirt. Try something with a solid color and no design, and avoid wearing (logo or pattern) printed t-shirts. As far as the shoes are concerned, you could replace your daily sneakers with some casual mens loafers, extremely fashionable and accessible. There are a lot of options in stores, in terms of materials, styles and prices, so you will definitely something to suit your taste and budget. If you want to keep it stylish wearing sport shoes, choose colored canvas sneakers, which can be matched both with relaxed and casual clothes.


Start upgrading your wardrobe right away: the sooner you replace your old jeans and sneakers, the closer you will get to a dressy look. You could visit the official page of DARA Shoes, where you will find the most fashionable loafers and moccasins, for any season. Even if you do not have an office job, this smart casual style will help you look neat, regardless the occasion. Remember that wearing a tie is not always mandatory for an elegant result and you can use the items you already own to recreate a classy outfit.