The number of companies operating in the telecommunication domain that use the Cisco Unified Communications Manager phone system has increased in the past few years, because of the high quality of the CUCM. While the popularity of this system has skyrocketed, the demand for reliable and accurate Cisco CDR reporting software has also increased. The third party software that interfaces with CUCM aims to help managers handle the vast amount of calls a call center for instance receives every year by putting at their disposal advanced reporting tools that can offer them a clear picture of the situation. Cisco CDR reporting tools summarize and track the call flow taking into account complex details. This type of software provides a clear advantage; as it allows the manager follow the progression of the work completed inside the company. It is necessary for a call center to use software that will help handle their call details essential to the core operation. A company that specializes in communication over phone needs to ensure the effectiveness of their services, so information about each and every call can prove valuable for the manager to get a good picture of how he/she can improve the quality of call transactions.


Without a user friendly tool that will decipher and customize CDR reports, this type of businesses will not be able to accurately monitor their activity. Besides the fact that deciphering the complex, vast and detailed information would normally require investing a lot of effort and time, the level of accuracy will drop significantly. The Cisco CDR reporting software can process this incredible amount of data and organize it almost instantly. In a business where productivity is vital, any tool that can help improve the efficiency and quality of the work is welcomed. This is why the Cisco CDR reporting software developed by reputable companies such as Variphy is sought after. Cisco call accounting and reporting tools allow managers to gain control over the data being delivered by the system and consequently influence critical business decisions. The communication server will store every call along with its details, but only with a CDR reporting and tracking tool will you be able to discover any productivity issue, abuse, tracking misuse and other important information that can affect the quality of the overall service.


Generally, the type of details that can be managed with the help of advanced reporting software includes dates, durations of calls, dialed digits, time of calls and even trunk lines. However, there are some tools that offer a more varied feature list. It is important to understand the specific needs of your company and choose software that meets those needs. You will find a series of developers that focus on creating high end tools for Cisco CDR reporting, but only a few provide truly high quality software. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing third party software that interfaces with Cisco Unified Communications Manager phone systems and ensure you have made the right choice.