It has become common knowledge that our health and physical fitness are strongly interconnected and the fact that a large number of Australians are considered obese according to the latest statistics is worrying news. In an attempt to raise awareness, the marketing of balanced nutrition, physical fitness and health facts has increased, so you can find advice on losing weight and its health benefits everywhere you look from TV commercials to magazines, and you will also hear it on the radio and from your doctor. Therefore, total fitness has suddenly become a sought after thing and the number of gyms in Australia has increased dramatically in the past few years. Only Goodlife Helensvale has opened more than seventy gyms all over the country, not to mention the training camps. With the constant reminder that a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your health, more and more Australians start to wonder about their current fitness level. Establishing what fitness level you have is the first thing fitness trainers do in order to create a fitness program tailored to your specific needs. There are five components of fitness that will give you an idea about your level.


The aerobic endurance refers to the ability to moderately exercise over a certain period of time. The purpose is measuring the efficiency of your lungs and heart when exercising. Personal trainers should always check the aerobic endurance of their customers to ensure that they will not be given workout routines that will put a greater strain than necessary on their body. This is why it is important to resort to highly qualified personal instructors when trying to get fit, because they can help you customize your training program to match your needs and limits. Gyms like Empire Fitness take great pride in the level of professionalism of their instructors that can tailor work-out routines to the needs of their customers.


The muscular endurance is also a great way to determine what type of exercises you should be given and especially what weights your should be lifting. It measures your ability to hold a certain position for a sustained period of time and to repeat the action as many times as possible. If you are capable of lifting a certain weight for fifteen consecutive times, your trainer can establish your muscular endurance based on the heaviness of the weight and the number of times you can repeat the movement.


Another important clue that will help you establish your physical fitness level is your flexibility. The elasticity of the muscles and the ability to freely move your joints are measured to determine your flexibility. Last, but not least, the body composition is probably what most people wish to learn most, because it refers to establishing the proportion of fat in your body. Your weight and shape have nothing to do with the body composition and seemingly lean and slim people can have more fat than they should due to lack of exercise and unbalanced nutrition. If you wish to achieve total fitness in the shortest time possible, you should contact, a centre where you can try any type of fitness program and sport you can think of.