To many beginner and professional traders alike, the constant changes occurring in this field and the rate at which innovations appear can sometimes become confusing and prove to be a source of ambiguity. To come to their assistance and sort out through all of the unanswered questions, certain online platforms like have embarked on a journey towards discovering and unveiling all of the secrets of the trading world. To newcomers in the field, websites such as this mean that they can make more sense of an already fast changing world and begin their path towards success in the trading world with more confidence than ever. For the already experienced and professional broker seekers, these informative platforms are a manner to stay in touch with the latest news and reviews posted about this topic, as well as to discover crucial aspects about new brokers without having to waste time trying them out individually. One of the best examples in this sense is that of the dispute whether there actually is a CherryTrade scam or not. Given the fact that CherryTrade is a particularly new broker, it was only natural that experienced and beginner traders would be curious as to its relevance and trustworthiness. The question is CherryTrade a scam was on everyone?s lips so here is the answer and explanations, provided curtesy of a top online review platform.


The truth of the matter is that the relatively recent entering of this broker on the market does not mean its services are not worthy or of inferior quality. In fact, they have proven to be just the opposite. CherryTrade has the same type of pro features that one would expect from the big names in this industry and this says a lot about its capacity to help traders achieve their financial goals. When compared to the leading brands, it stands out as a result of the high growth speed and excellent future lying ahead. Not few are the voices who claim that CherryTrade will become one of the most sought after and famous brokers in the next couple of years. It is professional and reliable, has safe and secure options for users and has shown a constant growth which is more than encouraging. Fans of binary option services will be thrilled with this solution also because of the customer oriented approach, which includes international phone lines which can be called for free. Live chat options, as well as emailing solutions, are also provided and they can be accessed 24/7.


The official registration place of the company is located in Gibraltar, part of the European Union, while the price feed is drawn directly from Thomas Reuters which further ensures the correctness of the prices and establishes the company as a respectable and honest one. As for the conditions that the broker imposes, it is good to know that the minimum deposit is not greater than $200. Furthermore, the minimum trade size is incredibly low, just 5 USD. Thanks to these lenient conditions, it?s no wonder it has become the favorite alternative for newcomers in the field.