Cloud computing and hosting is definitely one of the most important development within the last few years, with more and more companies choosing to host their websites in this manner. At the same time, hosting providers and system administrators need to offer the best possible services in order to survive the increased competition available on the market. Since the request for cloud hosting has never been higher, hosting services will need to make sure that they offer their clients impeccable services and state-of-the-art security. In a market where online stores have started to gain more customers than regular ones and many companies are interested in promoting a strong online presence, few businesses can afford to have problems with their websites, not to mention the possibility of a crashed website during the busiest hours of the day or times of the year. This is why web hosting automation software has become a feature that all those who are part of the WebsitePanel community should consider using, as it offers them many important benefits.

Basically, dedicated utility services will offer WebsitePanel users backup, migrate and restore services. Even though one might say that WebsitePanel or other portals such as Hosting Controller already have a backup feature integrated, this feature only works to backup the resources in a user?s account, but if that account is deleted or lost altogether, you will no longer have the possibility to restore it. In addition, the backup feature of specialized utility software will use an external storage solution in order to backup any account successfully and thus hosting providers will essentially be able to guarantee their clients the complete safety of their accounts and they will be able to recover them successfully, should they be deleted or should they disappear for any reason. In fact, GUI Tools have certainly revolutionized the way system administrators that run WebsitePanel on their servers, as they are able to run scheduled backups on entire accounts or on single resources if that is what their clients want to target.

These types of innovative tools are developed in order to offer hosting admins that use WebsitePanel more control over their resources and the possibility to offer their clients more safety in return. System administrators definitely have a big responsibility on their hands that they should not take lightly, as the success of many businesses lies on the proper functionality of their websites and the safety of their database. When using utility software that can backup, restore and migrate data without any problems and guarantee an increased safety of FTP accounts, Emails, Statistics, Users Accounts and anything else that is valuable for a website owner, server administrators will increase the quality and value of their service and make their business more profitable. It is always worth investing in tools that make your services better than your competitors? and allow you to have the certainty that all your clients are covered against any possible losses. This must have tool such as WBRM? is an excellent way to improve your services as a system administrator and make the internet a safer place for your clients.