In the past years, medicine has developed more and more, and branches such as dentistry, which were previously considered easier, have been perfected a lot. Practices all around the world use late hour technology, not only in terms of devices and equipment, but also in terms of methods and training of their staff. The clinics have become very performing, and most of the times patients look for more than one opinion for their issues, to be sure they make the right choice in terms of treatment. If you are looking for a reliable clinic of ortodonzia Siena, you should know that professionals use innovative technologies, including 3D computer technologies (for a better reconstruction of the teeth) or invisalign (an alternative to traditional braces, used for teeth straightening). The processes and procedures have improved in order to serve the clients, and spare them the trouble of painful interventions or social awkwardness caused by common straightening methods. The clients are offered the best services which will not influence their lifestyle and appearance while also delivering performing results.

Nowadays, one of the most common dentistry services offered by clinica dentale Siena is invisalign. This procedure is extremely popular, since it has multiple benefits. Taking into consideration that during their infancy, children do not acknowledge the importance of straight teeth and think wearing braces is ugly or inappropriate, they would rather give up the idea of going to the dentist. Once they grow up, they admit that oral hygiene and health are extremely important, and seek a professional dentist for teeth straightening or gaps correction treatments. Since they know what the process involves, they are very often drawn back by the fact that wearing braces could influence their social life, and feel ashamed. For this reason, specialists have come up with an innovative solution for the crooked teeth problem: invisalign. Even if the method has the same effects and results as traditional braces, it is almost invisible and can easily pass unnoticed ? fact that allows patients to go on with their daily life without any change. This technique has been introduced in 2006 and involves a transparent aligner which is placed over the teeth and can be barely noticed. The fact that it is almost invisible makes it the perfect choice for those who want to avoid a visible treatment, but crave for a perfect denture without scarifying their daily life.

There are a lot of methods which can be used not only for teeth straightening but also for cosmetic dentistry, and Dentistry Clinic is a professional practice where you can benefit from them. All you should do is book an initial consult, during which a professional will analyze your problem and present you the treatment options you have. Once you have decided, many samples are taken using special devices and 3D technologies, and afterwards a computer model is created. This will become a transparent removable mouth tray which will put certain pressure on teeth, in order to make them have the correct position, and within only few weeks, results will start to appear.