People do not appreciate nothing more like a soft and fluffy towel to hug their body after a hot shower, so you as a hotel manager should have in view this aspect when buying towels. People use towels daily, is one of the rituals of the morning, so when they pay to stay in a hotel, they want to use a soft and luxurious towel on their skin. And if you are not convinced about this aspect, then you should know that more than 90% of guests state that they consider decisive the quality of the bedding and towels in a hotel. As a hotel manager, it is tempting to cut off expenses when it comes to down feather pillows and towels, but you should avoid short cuts in your hotel spas, pool facilities and bathrooms. It might seem surprisingly, but many managers and owners overlook the importance of these items, and they focus on food quality and customer service.

When you purchase luxury towels, you help your clients have an image on how important laundry is for you, because they account up to 40% of it. Also, many clients state that the quality of the bedding and towels is one of the most important factors when they think if they should come back to a hotel or not. Therefore, if you have no idea what aspects are crucial when you buy hotel pool towels, you should know that you have to decide the weight and size of the pieces of laundry you want to purchase. Specialists measure towels in GSM, specific units that indicate the grams per square meter. This feature is connected with the towel’s density of fabric. The majority of people purchase cheaper towels, which are low in GSM, and thinner. But if you want your hotel to be perceived as a luxurious one, then you should opt for superior quality, higher in GSM. It does not matter if you buy the towels for the interior of the hotel, or for the pool facilities, you should consider the absorbency feature. Guests want to use towels that dry them completely when they step out of the shower or bathtub.

So, you might think how you know, how to choose the right ones. Well, every towel is made of loops within the weave, and these loops are the ones that allow the fabric to absorb the water. The number of loops of every towel will determine its drying ability. If you want to purchase the best towels for your hotel, then you should opt for the Egyptian cotton ones, because they are extremely popular for having thick and long threads. It is advisable to purchase pillows and towels, from a reliable provider, as, because it is important to choose quality over price. When it comes to soft towels, if you want to impress your customers, then you should opt for Peruvian cotton ones. They are great to be used by people with sensitive skin, and in case your hotel features a gym, then you should purchase these towels in this