Starting your own gardening project may involve a lot of attention and diligent work, but if you are passionate about it, you will enjoy each and every step of the process. Even if both use the same operations, growing plants outdoor and indoor are two different things, mainly because they represent distinct environments. An indoor garden requires more attention and control, because you will have to recreate all the conditions the plants need. For those who want to avoid the mess made by soil, hydroponics represents the ideal alternative ? this means that the plans will not have their roots in soil but in water. This new method has become very popular lately due to its many benefits. However, in order to grow plants through this method you will need to arrange a special room with similar conditions to the natural environment, because this will ease your job a lot. Besides being careful and dedicated, you will also need to purchase specialized ducting supplies and inform yourself about this topic. Remember that indoor gardening can be equally easy and complicated, depending on the species you grow and the amplitude of your objectives. However, at least in the beginning, you should stick to the basic part and experience a little bit of everything.


When you start organizing the grow room, keep in mind that your main purpose is to create a room similar to an outdoor garden: make sure you have enough space, proper light coverage and an appropriate ventilation system. If you stick to this idea, things will be much easier than you imagined. Another thing you must take into consideration is that you want to grow healthy plants, so remember to keep the space clean, airy and safe, in order to avoid parasites such as insects, bugs or diseases. Last but not least, you have to pay a lot of attention and ensure that the plants are receiving continuous and adequate care. Start by planting basic flowers and herbs, at least until you gain some experience and you can grow pretentious species. Once you start seeing results and getting along, you can consider investing in some professional grow tent kits. These are available in specialized stores, and whether you buy them or order them online, they will bring added value to your project. You will see how your skills will improve considerably after a while, and you can even transform your passion into a profitable business.


The equipment you will need is not very expensive or difficult to find. If you choose a reputable retailer such as Easy Grow Hydroponics, you will have the possibility to buy the most performing products at affordable prices. The items you will need consist in appropriate pots and containers, ventilation and lighting system, a grow tent and some others tools which you may find useful, but which are not mandatory. Do not ignore the importance of ventilation and lighting systems, because these will help you have better control of the environment and adjust the conditions of the grow groom.