Everybody gets very enthusiast when they buy a new garment and tends to wear it very often, but you should take into consideration that the more you wear it, the sooner it will look worn out. This happens most of the time because of the washing and drying process and also due to constant folding and ironing it. If you ever thought about buying some printed men?s t shirts online, you should know that these are extremely fun and interesting, but you have to pay attention to the manner in which you maintain it, if you want to wear it as long as possible. Imprinted T-shirts require a bit more care when laundering and ironing, but this depends, of course on the type of printing and also on the fabric. The quality of the material is very important, because if for example the piece of clothing is made of a material which shrinks after you wash it, the design will definitely suffer some modifications. However, there are some things you could do to be able to wear it more time, and the general rule is not to expose it to some conditions which will damage it. Keep in mind that the printing is sensitive to some factors such as heat or humidity, and make sure you order your online T-shirt from a reputable company.

Once you have received your order, worn the garment and need to wash it, remember that this may require some more attention than other laundry. To begin with, no matter the colour or texture of the T-shirt, it is recommended to avoid putting it into the washing machine together with other pieces of clothing. Anyway, in case you decide to do this, you should take into consideration the manner in which the t shirts with text have been printed. Most of the imprinting methods use heat as one of the main processes, and this makes heat the most common factor which ruins clothes, which is why you should use cold water for washing them. There is no logical reason to use hot water; unless the clothes are extremely dirty or need to be disinfected this will only deteriorate them much faster. In addition to the water?s temperature, you have to use special detergents: try the mild ones, because the strong detergents can damage the printed surfaces: the colour will fade and the design will look worn out. Furthermore, a general trick most people use when cleaning clothes is to turn the clothes inside out before they put them into the drier or washing machine.

Moreover, ironing is also very important: make sure you do not iron the T-shirts at the maximum temperature, and do not iron them without turning them inside out, without any circumstances, because you can end up having a sticky material on the iron machine and a blurry design on your T-shirt. However, make sure you buy your clothes from a reputable online store, such as Seven Frogs, and as far as cleaning them is concerned, you can follow the indications on their label.