There are a lot of things designers and stores offer you nowadays in terms of clothes and fashion, but even if you have plenty of options to choose from, there are still some adjustments you would make to the clothes you find in shops. More than this, everyone has wanted at least once to have a certain t shirt which cannot be bought from a store, but rather ?home- made?. Having a personalized t shirt is very cool, and if you can design it yourself, you will be able to brag about the amazing result. Customizing your own clothes is not only fun, but it also represents a boost for your creativity and can even help you save money: all you have to do is buy a simple t shirt, choose or design an image, text, or whatever you want and then look for a custom t shirt printing company to help you with the technical stuff. Once you plan to personalize your t shirts, you have to know exactly what you want, in order to create the perfect design and achieve the desired result.

Customized clothes can be done not only for you, but they can make an amazing gift for your dear ones. For this reason, the first thing you should do when deciding to print a t shirt is clearly establish its purpose. If you want it to be a present for someone, in order to make that person aware of your appreciation and interest, make sure you choose something suitable to their personality: you can go for a funny text, the logo of their favourite superhero, or simply a cute image ? whatever makes the cloth suitable. If you want the t shirt for yourself, you are free to chose whatever you want, but for example, if you want to promote or advertise a product, company or service, you have to consider visibility, brand alignment, clarity and of course, the logo. You can also ask for advice from a custom t shirts screen printing professional, but remember that the simpler the design, the easier it will be for people to get the message. However, be careful to the coordination of colours and be original. Decide upon a palette in accordance to the initial tone of the t shirt, but contrastive, and also suitable to the type of message: bright colours will create a cheerful design (but do not exaggerate), while black and white are recommended for text messages or artistic designs. Keep in mind the outcome, and the effect you want the customized t shirt to have: it can be funny, commercial or artistic and so on.

In addition to this, try to add dimension to the design. There are many printing companies which will help you with this, such as Wisco Promo & Uniform. If it simple enough, you can make it more complex by adding depth to the letters, if you have a text, or an illusion of three-dimensional space, for an image. In case you are not used to working with editing programs, watch some tutorials or ask for professional advice.