As soon as the weather get better and frosty air is gone, sailors all around the world feel the enthusiasm of their first sail of the year: enjoying the day admiring the clear waters from the deck and seeing the shinny rays of the sunset reflected in the water. Sailing is not only a leisure activity, but something that goes beyond a simple passion, and people all around the world are fascinated and practice it not only on the sea, but also on inland waters. The best time for sailing is during spring, when the evenings are sunny and warm, but the evenings and mornings are still pretty cold, which is why special sailing clothes are required. The cold is even worse on the sea, where the breeze amplifies the low temperatures? effects and you get to feel it more than normally, and a freezing morning on a boat is not a pleasant experience, so you have to make sure that you take all the caution methods before sailing away. Of course, the boat should be equipped with all the necessary items, but you also have to understand who important special garments are ? they will keep you not only warm, but also safe, so that you can enjoy the day. There are many types of sailing clothes: some will cover you from lightweight (made of breathable materials), while others are wind and waterproof, because they have a shell layer.

The relevance of a sailing jacket or PFD should not be neglected, unless you want to put your life into danger, but this is not something that anyone would want. Each layer is equally important: the breathable one allows your skin to breath and also the evaporation of the sweat resulting after physical efforts. In addition to this, it prevents your body from overheating and will help you feel much less discomfort when you take the clothes of and chill down. The garments work like an armor, but a flexible one that will allow you to adapt to various weather conditions: heat, winter, rain, cold and so on. There are six main layers a professional sailor must wear, from the beginning of the day until the dawn: as the weather gets warmer and the sun rises, you can remove them one by one, and in the evening, when the temperatures get low again, start putting each layer on. This will keep you safe and comfortable during the whole day.

There are some reputable companies offering high quality sailing clothes, which are specially designed to offer you many options, so that you can choose the ones that suit best your body and your sailing plan. Admiralty Limited is one of these, and you will find here everything you need to protect yourself from cold weather, water and build a barrier between your body and the environment. Leaving the shore with everything you need on board will help you not only feel good and have an enjoyable day, but also eliminate the risks and keep you secure.