Theatre is undoubtedly an art, and only those who work in this field are able to truly understand this. There is a lot of work and struggle behind a couple of hours of acting in front of hundreds of people, and each person who have worked for the show, no matter if the audience can see them or not, plays an equally important role. As soon as you step into an Edinburgh playhouse, you can feel the magic everywhere, and all even the smallest details seem to be taken out of an actual story. People put a lot of efforts in creating a play, and it all begins with an idea ? the dream of someone who wants to transform their story into a famous one, who wants to see their dream become true. The emotions transmitted by characters, costumes, colours and plot represent the idea of one individual who afterwards builds everything else with passion and enthusiasm.

Once the big picture is created in the mind of the author, and they begin working towards putting the work of art into scene a team of professionals is gathered. There is a lot of work to do, so the sooner the team is selected the better, so that the planning and organization can start as soon as possible. In order to bring on the stage the things written on paper, the producer will face multiple challenges: finding a group of people interested in their project, selecting the most suitable one, building a script, find the best location, create the sets, costumes and props, schedule rehearsals and direct the actors. All this work behind Edinburgh theatre shows cannot be seen, but it may take months, even years, to obtain a professional and qualitative play. As a producer, you should look for passionate people, interested in your project and who are willing to contribute and build on your ideas. Of course, you should also be willing to accept their suggestions, especially if they are, for example, experienced actors who can bring additional shades to the characters. Collaboration is the key to success, and if you want to fulfill your dream, you must be able to transform it into a common goal. Make sure you distribute the task accordingly to the profile and capabilities of each person from the crew, and encourage team work in a creative environment.

Once the plot, script and distribution are done, the venue and set should be chosen. In Edinburgh, for example, are many theatres, such as Monkey Barrel Comedy, where people go to see good plays. Choose something suitable to your expectations and set a date for the big event, and immediately afterwards start promoting the event. You can ask for support from local institutions, not only as far as the location is concerned, but also the promotion: you will need approvals to distribute flyers or stick posters all over the city. Meanwhile, to make sure everything goes as planned; diligently organize rehearsals, where all the team must be present. To prevent unpleasant situations, keep in mind all the details and render as accurately as possible the atmosphere from the big night.