The compression technology is a very useful invention, as it ensures users can share and store files easier by reducing their overall size. If you are an internet user, you have probably encountered zip files numerous times until now. The main benefit of using zipped files is the fact that it ensures a faster file transmission even over slow Internet connections. The compressed files can be read and unzipped by the file receiver using the same or a similar zip archiver as the sender of the file. Another moment when you might want to download file compressor is when you run out of disk space. Even a slight reduction of bits and bytes can help you squeeze in another file, so zip compressors are handy and practical. People have been using the file compression technology for a long time now and numerous innovations and improvements have been brought over the years. You can now download a free zip archiver that works better and faster than any other compressing software that were available in the past.


To understand the compression system better, imagine deflating a balloon to make it fit in your luggage when travelling and pumping the air back in to regain its original form and size when reaching your destination. Zipped files are easier to share and store and they can be expanded to their original size anytime without losing information. It might sound unbelievable that you can reduce the number of bits and bytes of a file, send it to another device and expand it to the original size without any bit or byte missing, but the process is not only possible, it is also simple and straightforward. There is nothing mysterious about file compression. A free zip archiver will simply get rid of the redundant information to reduce the size of the file. Computer files generally list the same information repeatedly and redundantly, so file compressors take advantage of that and eliminate the repeated information resulting in a reduction of size. Instead of listing the repeated information like in the original file, it only lists it once. When expanding the file, the program will refer back to the listed information to recreate the file identically on the new device. The amount of bits and bytes being saved depends on the amount of redundant information present in the file, as well as the ability of the file archiver to identify and eliminate redundant information. This is why you should download file compressor of superior quality like BulkZip.


An even better way of explaining the file compression process is by taking a sentence, as for instance ?File compression makes file storage more efficient?, breaking it down in bits of information and identifying the redundant information we can eliminate. The sentence has 7 words, 43 letters, 6 spaces and 1 period. The word file is repeated once, so we can eliminate it the second time. The repeated spaces are also redundancies and so on. A file archiver will also look for redundancies like we did in the example above and write down an encrypted, compressed version of the file that will take up less space.