Even if nowadays selling and buying medical marijuana has become legal in some states, people are still wondering how a shop that sells cannabis looks like. They have never entered such a place, which is why they do not know that these are actually legal based businesses and the cannabis is not planted in the back yard ? everything takes place at the retail level. In the states were medical marijuana is legal, there are plenty of dispensaries, and visiting one of them can be a real experience. Even if many people may think that a recreational marijuana dispensary is a shady place, this is not true: it actually look rather similar to a genuine drug store. Visiting and analyzing a place like that means understanding the need of marijuana for medical purposes, and also the process through which it has become a mainstream treatment for different diseases.

The first thing you must know about a place that sells this unusual medicine is that there is a lot of security involved. People who are not used to be asked the identity card may find this odd, but there is no way that you will be able to buy marijuana from any dispensary without showing the ID, in order to prove that you have the legal age. In addition to this, the person who is in charge with the store is most of the times accompanied by an armed guard. This is mainly due to the fact that the dispensary runs as a cash business, since the federal law prevents the banks from collaborating with them. For this reason, they have to add some extra security measures, such as surveillance cameras, in order to protect both the buyers and the vendors. Besides being a part of the security system, having cameras is also a mandatory condition that medicinal marijuana dispensaries must fulfill in order to be in accordance to the law.

Contrary to the common belief, the dispensaries are actually professional places which have an official style. The whole atmosphere looks like a combination between a pharmacy and a classy tobacco store. Another relevant thing about marijuana dispensaries is that they are not located in the center of the city, but in specially designed areas from malls or shopping centers in the suburbs. Furthermore, in order to go to a recreational marijuana dispensary, you will need to arrange the visit in advance, even if most of them have a fixed schedule. Their program depends mostly on the state where they are located: while in Denver the law requires their close hour to be 7 p.m., in Colorado the state law allows them to stay open until midnight. In ace you want to find out where you can find a dispensary in the US, there are specialized online platforms, such as kwerve.com, where you will look for all the pieces of information you need. You will be able to find about the address or schedule and also become part of a community of buyers.