When it comes to organising a great pile of things you have not used in a long, long time, you might stumble upon a few challenges as far as planning the necessary steps is concerned. A garage filled with all sorts of things, from garden tools to paint cans can be a bit daunting at a first view, but knowing exactly where to start will help you complete the mission in great time. So, here are a few organising tips you could make use of. Most storage solutions usually include garage storage shelves. The secret is knowing how and where to place them. Given the rich market that has developed in this industry, you will find all sorts of storage ideas to choose from. As with any other investment or project, you most likely have a budget to consider. So, the first piece of advice you might find rather helpful is be careful what shelving system you purchase. Try to go for something simple. Your typical wood shelves on metal brackets would be sufficient for garage storage purposes. Reliable, trustworthy suppliers bring forward solid shelves that can hold loads of over 150 kg. This should be sufficient for all your tools, boxes of nails and even those old paint cans you don?t want to throw away.


The next point on the list is making sure that you have easy access to all the items you have carefully stored in your garage. You should know even garage storage UK suppliers emphasize the importance of visibility and accessibility, considering the space that needs to be organized before actually recommending a solution. For instance, it is advisable to place all your gardening tools close to the garage door, so you can easily grab the rake or the shovel when you need to do a little gardening over the weekend. You could hang the tools directly on the wall, just make sure that these won?t fall and damage the car. In the back of the garage, you might want to store items you have not used in a very long time and don?t exactly intend to do so in the near future. Additionally, do consider the cubbyhole shelf. These are great organising solutions in all types of garages. They are mounted directly on the wall, so they won?t take too much of your space. Under the cubbyhole shelf you could easily place a few boxes or bins to deposit other small items. This is one very good solution for all those handymen, who own nails, screws, drills and other such small parts and tools.


The truth is that you have a variety of ideas when it comes to organising your garage. It is really all about keeping an open mind, being prepared to listen to suggestion and most importantly finding a supplier that can help you with the actual shelving system. Speaking of storage solution providers, Rapid Racking Ltd is definitely one company you can rely upon, a company that is professional and focused on the needs of its clients. With a diverse range of products and a dedicated team, this supplier will offer you exactly the solution you are in need of, one that fits your space and budget.