Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE located on the southeast coats of the Persian Gulf and a wonderful travelling destination. If given the choice, no one would refuse the opportunity to make a trip to this extraordinary city of breath taking abundance and beauty. While people around the world are looking for ways to reach this destination, those living in Dubai have a different perspective; they are looking for places they can visit that are close to this city. You can say that fortune is on their side, because Dubai is strategically located close to numerous renowned holiday destinations and has an easy access to Europe, Africa and all of Asia. This is why you can find amazing Dubai travel deals to places people from other countries would pay a small fortune to go. If the holiday destination of your dreams is just four hours away, there is nothing that can stop you from visiting it. You can also take advantage of the special offer holidays provided to Dubai residents and visit countries like Turkey, Greece, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Italy, Germany or Cyprus on a limited budget. You can find a wide selection of travel destinations and offers by visiting, a reputable online platform specializing in holiday deals with departing from Dubai. Following are some great destinations four hours away from this city.


Goa in India

If sandy shored, blue tranquil waters and wild parties on the beach is what you are looking for, a trip to Goa, India might be exactly what you need. It takes almost three hours to fly from Dubai to this Indian hidden gem and the price for an airplane ticket is meagre. If you book special offer holidays, the ticket price will also be included in the offer. Goa is ideal for any taste and budget, not to mention that you will have numerous activities you can choose from such as enjoying a quiet time on the idyllic beach sunbathing or take advantage of the lively nights to have some fun. You can also book a room at a luxury resort and pamper yourself.


Beirut in Lebanon

Beirut is a lively and exciting city, definitely worth visiting. Whether you are looking for a good culture fix or you simply wish to enjoy your time exploring the city, there are numerous holiday offers that include guided tours. It takes approximately three hours to reach Beirut from Dubai, so you will be able to find city break deals as well as full vacations with departure from the UAE. You will surely like the bohemian Gemmayze, iconic Mohammad al Amin Mosque and the beautiful historic buildings. If you are an adventurous spirit, you will also be able to explore the Jeita Grotto, the breath taking natural caves that were on the verge of winning one of the World?s Seven Wonders? spot.