Many companies try to achieve success and to have an advantage over their competitors, but they do not know how to get it. Many business owners meet with skepticism the online management systems, because they do not have enough information about how they work, and what their role is in helping companies grow. Every person that manages or owns a business should know that success in this domain is based on the speed at which they find innovative ideas, and they implement them. Companies should start to use their employees? ideas and to filter them with an idea management software. It will help at gathering ideas from employees and not only, and will provide structured processes with the purpose to evaluate and manage those ideas.

Such a software has some features that have to be fully understood by the company that uses it, because this is the only way of using it effectively. An ideenmanagement software is campaign focused because every project that is done with the help of this software can be customized to suit the specific project objectives. Every company can tailor idea input forms every time they use it, to meet the different needs every project has. Some idea management systems give employees the opportunity to view not only their ideas but also the other ones. It also allows them to comment and review some ideas, because it has the purpose to help in the process of creating compelling and complete ideas. Multinational companies can use this system because employees can share their ideas not only with co-workers from the same building, but also with the ones around the country where they have the headquarters or from another country. When using this software, companies build a systematic Innovationsmanagement process.

Innovation management is connected with competitive advantage because when a person examines his business, he tries to bring new ideas, and this is a process that makes their company better than others. When they choose to innovate their business, they also benefit from having a competitive advantage. When a business owner uses a powerful innovation management system like the one offered by iCrowd, he will have the possibility of promoting rapid organization learning, because this process has a cascading effect, a person learns a new thing and then drives his knowledge to other persons to help them develop new ideas. This system decreases the possibility of copying a downstream innovation of a company by another one, and this has as result the opportunity to implement it easier. Other benefit of this system is that is forces leaders to embrace and adopt an innovative change. An innovative management system unleashes ideas from employees, and these ideas can be the source of a company?s success. This will improve a company?s culture and will offer it a competitive advantage. Every company has as main goal to sustain profits that exceed the average for their domain and this can be done only by using innovation and idea management.