Although it may seem that the main reason for which people play games it entertainment, taking into consideration the increasing popularity of this hobby, another relevant reason would be that they feel part of a community. Nowadays, more and more people find relaxation in playing video games, and since graphic design and technology have developed a lot, it is way easier to escape from reality during a game. There have been many studies and articles speaking about technical evolution in terms of gaming, but few people actually talk about those who make all this possible: the players. They represent an important element which has influenced a lot the history of gaming, and they constitute a massive mass, constantly increasing. For this reason, they have started to be considered a social group, and interestingly enough, there are actually dedicated online social platforms, specially created for them. There is nothing surprising about the existence of a gamer social network, taking into consideration that there are various community blogs whose members share common interests. Social gaming networks make it way easier for advertisers to reach their target audience, and they also help players improve their gaming experience.


If you think about the most popular online gaming networks, you should know that these have all together more than 300 million members. This means that more than 300 million people in the world are officially registered, not to mention the smaller networks and the players who do not have an official account. They are all somehow engaged in a communication system, together with other users of consoles and computers. Since the number of gamers from all over the world is constantly growing, certain gaming sites have been launched, in order to reunite under the same ?umbrella? those who share the passion for video games. Although these have appeared decades ago, their popularity has reached the peak only recently, and some of the best gaming websites consist in various categories, depending on the games their users play. Besides gathering international players, these dedicated online platforms have developed different performing features, allowing their members to play as part of a video community, or access new games. In addition to this, gamers can also find there a wide range of specialized news, reviews, recommendations, groups and forums. If you become part of such a network, you will see that there is a place for everyone: from casual flash gamers to professional, competitive online gamers, they can all be found on the same group, sharing details about their experiences.


A gaming social network is the ideal place for those who want to find what is new in the field, who prefers what, and which are the most popular devices or games. Gamurs is one of the most reputable such we sites, so you could simply look it up on the internet and subscribe as a member. This way, you will have access to plenty of games, interesting updates and also be able to socialize with the other members. Become part of a network, and improve your gaming experience learning from the best!