Now that summer is almost here, many women are already having in mind what outfit they will wear at the beach. Women are constantly challenged with the problem of how to obtain the ideal look. Every woman wants to look her best, and it is worth paying attention to what swimsuit you fancy so as to fit your particular body type. Naturally, the MVP of the summer season is the bikini. The beachwear guide includes both classic swim wear and asymmetrical fashions as well. So, no matter what your preferences are, there is no need to be intimidated as designers have some tips for us that will help glam our beach look without spending much money.

While many of us have been relaxing up to this point, fashion designers have been busy with predicting this season?s trends. They decide what is hot and what is not. The choices on what to wear depend heavily on each person?s figure. But there is no need to worry because this summer?s outfits come in a rich mixture of styles. On the top of the list, we find printed bathing suits. Some may say this is a bold choice, but it is a sure fact that people will definitely notice you and at the same time you are going to make a fashion statement. The innovation lays in 3D print and the uniqueness of the patterns, such as animal or ethnic prints. The next spot is reserved to a newcomer. The latest bikini trends are all about extravagance. Women have been quite reluctant concerning the high neck crop top, but runways clearly show that this style has gained popularity among fashion addicts. This is probably due to the fact that they look adorable and add a sense of innocence to the general appearance. Here we can also mention longline tops that will give an outfit a boost, but it is not recommended if you desire a tan.

The newest addition is represented by long-sleeved bathing suits. Who would have ever imagined, since beachwear is all about wearing less. These products target women who are eager to stand out. Designers have also explored other materials such as spandex, nylon and polyester, which are typically used with surfing equipment. This is probably a rebellion against the view of the swimsuit as a plain and unflattering fit. However, retro style always manages to make a comeback. This takes the form of high-wasted swimwear inspired from the 60′. A timeless piece is the black bikini, the beach costume variant of the little black dress, perfect for those of you who like to preserve your conservative style. After all, black is slimming.

Overall, finding a bikini that will fit you is easier with the help of Regardez-moi, who always provides customized pieces of outfit based on your preference. The uniqueness of each piece lays within the details, which at many times truly makes a difference, as compared to mass products.