Holden, officially known under the name GM Holden Ltd, represents one of the most recognized representatives of the automotive industry of Australia. Having its headquarter in Port Melbourne, Victoria, the automaker has become famous starting with 1948, although the Holden family first appeared in 1856, as a saddlery factory, and has developed into what is nowadays known as General Motors Holden. Starting with 1908, the company reoriented and decided to take a shift by moving in the automotive field, and about 20 years later it became a member of the United States-based General Motors, from where it took part of its contemporary name. In 1998 the ?Ltd? part was added, and the final name, which is also used nowadays, was adopted in 2005. The vehicles are still in great demand, and if you want to purchase such a car, professional dealers such as Alan Mance Holden are eager to present you their various offers. Apart from high quality products, you will be offered a series of information very necessary when buying a car.

Although you may have not heard of this brand as a strong one in the automotive industry, you should know that it represents the American GM partner in Australasia and for some years, it used to have partial ownership on smaller manufacturers from South Korea. In addition to this, Holden offers a wide variety of cars produced on the local market, such as Holden Calais, in collaboration with GM, which imports models from the United States. Used Holden cars are sometimes as qualitative as new ones, so if you find Holden dealers in Melbourne, take a look on their offers and you may be surprised. The vehicles are manufactured in the South Australia, while the parts and engines are created in Port Melbourne and the assembly is made in all the mainland states of Australia. Since 1950, the exports in which the automaker was involved fluctuated a lot, but the declining sales in terms of big cars in Australia made the producer to seek for external markets in order to foster its sales and incomes. This has transformed Holden from a domestic manufacturer into a strong exporter of cars such as Holden Caprice.

Currently, more than 6300 people work for the company which has produced over seven million vehicles during its existence. Although Holden announced officially that by the end of 2017 the production in Australia will stop, it still pays an important role on the history of car manufacturers in the automotive industry, because it has provided the first car created exclusively in Australia. Ever since the first Holden car appeared on the market, in 1948, the models have been improved and each of them has a strong mark which makes it clear they are deeply anchored in the Australian lifestyle, transforming them into a trade mark of the genuine Australian spirit. If you are interested in buying this traditional car, look for a professional Melbourne Holden car service and you will not be disappointed by what it has to offer. Besides the strong significance of the brand, it also represents authenticity and flexibility.