Apparently, more and more people have started to replace traditional agriculture with hydroponics. For number of reasons, this field has been granted with an impressive level of appreciation and providers selling hydroponics equipment have learned first hand what this popularity means. Indeed, the number of demands is growing by day, but unfortunately, not all clients know what to ask for when purchasing supplies. In essence, everyone knows what this field is all about, but in reality, few are the ones that are familiarised with the ins and outs of this new agricultural technique. So, perhaps it might be of some help to all interested growers out there to discover a few essential facts about this field.


Theoretically speaking, this gardening method is all about growing plants in water, without using soil. It does sound simple, doesn?t it? Perhaps this is why so many confusions appear. The truth is that once you start digging for further details about this method, you will soon discover that just using water is not enough. You need a mixture of nutrients, as well. Also, apart from this and a well-adapted growing system, you will also need lighting. The list could go on forever, because this field is much more complicated than what it appears on the surface. Therefore, when you are out hunting for the proper hydroponic supply provider, make sure that it can provide you with the following products. First, you need appropriate nutrient solutions. One essential fact that you will have to consider is the pH level. This depends very much on the plants you are thinking of growing. For instance, beans require a pH of 6.0-6.5, whereas tomatoes need 5.5. Thus, when buying the nutrient solutions, be sure to consider the pH level attentively, as it could ruin your plants. Secondly, you should certainly concern yourself with the actual hydroponic system. This too depends greatly on what exactly it is that you want to plant. When designing such a system, there are several aspects you should properly consider, aspects like the growing chamber, the reservoir, the lighting system, the air pump, as well as the submersible pump. Check with the provider to see if all these products are available. Although at this point you might find designing the system as an impossible goal to achieve, once you have taken a bit interest and read some facts about each of the details mentioned above, it will no longer seems that complicated.


So far you have covered nutrients and the system. What about heat? To much of your surprise, this does not necessarily come from the lighting bulbs you have installed in the growing system. Those bulbs ensure your plants with the so-called growing light. Heat, on the other hand, should be properly controlled by the grower. Depending on the type of plants you are growing, you should either increase the temperature by using radiators or panel heaters or reduce them with fans. Hydroponics, although simple at a first view, begins to complicate itself. Still, don?t be discouraged, as anyone can succeed in this field. All you need is to find the proper help, both in terms of supplies as well as in terms of guidance. This is why you should consult and collaborate with the team working at Easy Grow Hydroponics. This store will not only offer you a variety of supplies, but also provide you with helpful tips on the topic.