Nowadays, using a credit card machine for your business has become something extremely common due to all the benefits this provides, not only to clients, but also to owners. It is way easier to simply swipe the card on the machine and make the payment, because it saves you time and it is safe and comfortable. You so not have to go to the ATM for cash, carry it around wherever you go or stay in line until the clerk counts the money and return the change. As a store owner, using a card payment machine represents a proof of customer centricity: you demonstrate that you care about your clients? safety and time. However, there are a lot of crimes related to this type of systems, which is why you have to make sure you avoid this happening in your business. Ensuring the security of a transaction made through a POS system is the responsibility of all the stakeholders involved: the merchant, the financial institution, the service provider and the credit card network. In order for everything to be legit, all the entities involved should respect some basic safety steps, established by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ? a competent institution handling most of the branded credit cards.


When the client decides to pay using their credit card, there is a lot of relevant information that the device has access to, and data breach is a problem no business would like to encounter. Although installing a credit card processing machine has its security standards, errors may appear, whether the business is small or large, and the best thing to do in such cases is to mitigate the damages. This is extremely important, especially if you want to go on with your business and regain the trust of your clients, who may have second thoughts in coming back to you. It is well known that it is better to prevent than to cure, which is why businesses that allow credit card transactions are constantly striving to meet the requirements of the PCI, because this is the key to avoiding data breach. In addition to this, there are many security programs and pieces of software available on the market which will diminish your vulnerability, so you could try to inform yourself and choose something suitable to your activity and devices.


Of course, besides being compliant to official regulations and taking extra safety measures, you have to collaborate with a trustworthy service provider, such as Chip and Pin Card Payments, because this will make the process much safer from the beginning. If you do not do everything in your power to ensure the safety of your customers and legitimacy of your business, you are likely to be exposed to more than losing your reputation and the trust of your clients, because some of them may even take legal action. Data breaching exposes the information of the shoppers and will clearly have a negative effect on your profits and productivity, which is why you have to follow all the steps of a safe credit card transaction.