Monteriggioni is a small town in the province of Siena, belonging to the famous Italian region Tuscany. The beauty of this region is well known all over the world and for this reason tourism here has managed to become one of the most important revenue sources. This commune from Siena is part of a larger group of similar settlements and has a great cultural and historical importance ? furthermore, it has been mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The picturesque views and traditional atmosphere from this medieval town has determined the inhabitants to want more and transformed it into a genuine tourist attraction, so if you are looking for a quiet holiday in a natural place, away from the bustle of a big city, a bauernhof Monteriggioni is the best choice. The architecture represents a unique element which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world, and this makes the commune a unique destination for those who want to break the routine and spend a peaceful vacation in a faraway place. Various churches and small, chic houses will catch your eye immediately with their plain Renaissance style ? these buildings seem to be cropped from a story book, and you will be surprised to find out that they are (or used to be) actually owned and inhabited by local nobles or wealthy merchants.


You may think that there is not much to see in a small town from Italy, but this is not true at all. The medieval town has several squares, or piazzas, as the locals would call them, and in addition to this the walled city is an impressive proof of ancient cultures. One of the main attractions is the circular wall surrounding the commune, having a historical significance: it was built in the Middle Ages, between 1213 and 1219, in order to protect the city from any type of attack, during the conflicts between Siena and Florence. In those times, Monteriggioni was a defensive fortification, considered a strategic point ? a front line that the people from Siena used in their war against Florence. The fortress has faced a lot of attacks, which is why the locals take pride in the ?boundaries? of their city.


Taking into consideration that it has been placed on a natural hill, it offers an amazing view of the surrounding regions, and it would be a pity not to visit this city, in case you reach Tuscany. You can even book a holiday farmhouse in Monteriggioni, and spend here a couple of memorable days. Get away from the big cities and opt for a picturesque vacation in this mazing destination, which is yet to be discovered. You will see that is has a lot of things to offer to its tourists, such as the main square, the Piazza Roma, where an ample Romanesque cathedral impresses the passersby with its simple yet astonishing fa?ade. In case you are convinced that this is the next destination you want to visit, visit Agriturismo Biologico Novelleto, a dedicated platform offering you various accommodation options and relevant information about the amazing cities of Tuscany.