Placed between the cities of Bendigo and Ballarat, in the north of Melbourne lays hidden the treasure of Daylesford, an amazing picturesque town belonging to the Goldfields Region of Victoria Australia. This wonderful rustic location will surprise you with the multitude of attractions and natural beauties that tourists all over the world visit annually. The things it offers to its visitors are amazing, and after seeing its traditional buildings, you would not believe it also has modern and luxurious accommodation places, such as 65 Main, a contemporary guesthouse which can host and offer you an unforgettable experience in terms of accommodation. The area has become famous also due to the numerous mineral springs and has speculated this to become one of the most popular resorts in the south of Australia. It has modern utilities such as spas and treatment centres, but has also managed to maintain its local flavour, through traditional buildings and wide vineyards.

Regardless the taste and budget, tourist can find something to do here, because the rustic town is very offering: restaurants with delicious food and tasty wines, buildings full of cultural meaning, stores and shopping centres from where you can purchase souvenirs or other goods. The offers of accommodation Daylesford are very varied, and anyone can find something to suit their pocket: classy hotels, traditional villas or picturesque cottages. Most of the hotels in the area offer extra facilities such as swimming pool, gym or sport courts, while the villas are suitable for those who travel with their families. People are extremely friendly, and will welcome you in a warm manner as soon as you enter the town. Furthermore, food and drinks are amazing in this part of the country, which is why you will feel overwhelmed by the numerous restaurants with delicious dishes and high standards of quality in terms of customer service. The natural beauties can be seen at every step, and the cultural and historical heritage of the Italian Swiss is visible especially as far as architecture is concerned. The area shows its past with every sight, displaying an irresistible combination of traditional and modern. In the central part of the town, there is the Jacksons Lookout tower, one of the most visited sports, due to the amazing view it offers on the surrounding forests, vineyards and flower fields.

The fast development of the area led to an increasing interest from the part of investors all over the world, and more and more people are looking forward to purchase a vacation house in Hepburn Springs area. The local beauties attract everybody, be it tourists or investors, and the things this area has to offer are so amazing that people are willing to invest their money in it, whether it is for purchasing just a vacation ticket or a property here. The astonishing views and relaxed atmosphere have a special air regardless the season and the particular charm will convince you that there is no other place in the world more peaceful than this one.