The tropical paradise you can find in Honduras will surprise you as you visit more and more of its attractions. Tourists all over the world come here each year to visit this Central American country, which has managed to become popular due to its unique beauties and rare cultures. The lush rainforests, amazing sights and picturesque mountains attract thousands of tourists, which can find here besides the natural beauties also marks of ancient cultures, such as the Maya. The archipelago hosts plenty of resourceful islands, such as Utila, considered one of the most important diving destinations in the area, because of its rich and diverse fauna: Honduras has the second largest coral reef in the world. For this reason, it is popular not only for the many diving and snorkelling activities, but also for the large number of divers who are certified here, because the location offers the most affordable Open Water courses in the Caribbean. For those who have a passion for ancient cultures, Honduras is the perfect holiday destination. Here, they will be able to find the genuine spirit of the Maya ancient inhabitants, visit sites charged with cultural meaning and attend traditional events, ceremonies and festivities.

Besides the huge coral reef, another key aspect of the tourism in the area is represented by the Mayan ruins, found especially in the western part of the country, in cities like Copan. The village represents an archaeological site where the Mayans used to live, placed on the western coast of Honduras, close to the border with Guatemala. Years ago, it was the capital city of a kingdom from the Classic period, from the 5th to the 9th century AD. Although only Maya people used to live here, the village was surrounded by non-Maya citizens, and has developed into a city with about 3000 inhabitants, a small airport and a winding road. Because of the fact that for more than two thousand years Copan was occupied by colonists, it has managed to have a unique architectural style, and even in our days, the buildings keep the traditional air of the ancient people who built them. Sculpture was a popular practice among the Mayans, and this has helped them create an identity. It seems that at some point, the city has lost its importance, but it has been afterwards accurately reconstructed by archaeologists and epigraphers.

With its cities abundant in rare cultures, its unaltered natural beauties and various leisure activities, Honduras is one of the locations which have grown a lot in the past years, as far as tourism is concerned. More and more people wish to arrive here at some point, and for this reason they are seeking reviews and advice on specialized magazines or websites, such as Here, they can find not only the lasts news about the country, but also accommodation possibilities, things to do and places to visit once they reach their destination. In addition to this, each main attraction has its own page, and there are plenty of relevant details, to help tourists make an informed decision and build an itinerary.