Barcelona is known to be one of the most famous tourist destinations not only in Europe, but all over the world. Millions of tourists come here annually to see its beauties. These are represented not only by the magnificent buildings combining modern style and traditional architecture, but also the beautiful beaches and the cultural history of the city. When you travel to such a resourceful city, you may not have enough time to see all it has to offer, which is why you have to plan your trip in advance, and set some attractions you will not miss for anything in the world, and there are many of these in Barcelona. In order to make the most of your destination and return home with a satisfaction feeling, you have to diligently organize the holiday and inform yourself about the city with some time in advance, to have an idea about the must-sees. As challenging as this can be, visiting all the main attractions is not impossible if you read a specialized magazine or visit a website, such Adventures Barcelona, because they will offer you the most relevant recommendations and the best advice.

There are so many things to see and do in Barcelona, from simple leisure activities to a specialized Treningsleir. For those who really want to discover the city, it is recommended to visit it by foot. Even if it is not a small town, if you have a map and you go from one attraction to the other, you are likely to reach all the points that are to be seen just walking around. Needless to say, there are various transportation means available to locals and tourists, but just spend a day away from the metro or taxi and take your time to walk and discover the Barcelona you will never find in guidebooks. You will bump into amazing buildings, attractive shopping centers where you can spend hours, and also natural parks and recreation areas. Furthermore, in case you feel tired, you can just rest in one of the famous restaurants of the city, recharging your batteries and tasting some of the most exquisite and various dishes you will find in Spain. In case you consider walking too tiring, you can simply rent a bike and create a route around the city, including the places you want to see; you will definitely get more than you have expected.

Another interesting activity that you can plan is Firmatur. Whether you plan a teambuilding for your best employees or you have to attend a corporate meeting in Spain, this type of service is the best you could get. Due to the multiple cultural attractions, such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the museum dedicated to Picasso?s life, and Teatre Grec, you will be able to organize educational and cultural visits, during which you and your team can attend seminars on various general interest topics. Regardless the type of trip you make to