While electronic waste is becoming a growing concern, the need to recycle used mobile phones is greater by the day. The lifespan of a mobile phone has decreased considerably in the past decade and people have started to purchase a new device every year to ensure that they keep up with the latest technology. The fact that we discard our used phones instead of recycling them has already taken its toll on our environment with the levels of pollution increasing every year. Instead of adding to the pile of unwanted discarded mobile phones, we should try to sell mobile phone. Besides the fact that recycling programs will help us protect the environment against e-waste, you will also receive money in exchange for your old phone. Mobile phone recyclers pay people back for any type of device, including for broken ones, so it is clear that in the fight discarding vs recycling, choosing the latter is the best decision. Mobile phones and their accessories contain large amounts of toxic heavy metals and other types of metals that are non-degradable or bio-accumulative such as arsenic, lead, manganese, zinc, copper, cadmium, mercury and antimony. All these metals can get to high levels of toxicity due to natural build-up and they greatly affect the environment polluting it. You cannot even begin to compare mobile phone recycling with discarding old mobile phones, because you get to save the planet and some money by resorting to specialized recycling companies.


If you do not dispose of your mobile phones properly, the hazardous metals will greatly affect the environment. On the other hand, professional recyclers will take the device and reuse functional parts as well as valuable metals to create new devices. Therefore, by simply putting your mobile phone up for sale can prevent hazardous waste to leak into the soil and waterways. If that was not enough, you should also take into consideration the fact that you will receive enough money on your old phone to cover part of the new expense. If you plan to purchase the latest iPhone, you could use some money to cover that expense and selling your old device is the perfect way to obtain that money. You can visit a specialized platform like Sellthemobile.com that offers mobile phone price comparison and you can learn which recyclers are in your vicinity and how much they are ready to pay in exchange for your used and possible broken phone.


Considering the fact that governments around the world encourage phone recycling, the number of companies that can take care of your old mobile phone has increased in the past few years. You will therefore receive a fair price for your device and you can even make use of comparison websites to ensure that you choose the best offer on the dedicated market. What is more, recycling your old phone will require little effort and time from your part. You can send the used phone to the recycler via currier and the money can be transferred directly into your account.