The words “designer clothing” usually bring up the image of tall, high class models walking down the runway to some cool songs, dressed in risqué outfits. However, fashion isn’t only about adults. Believe it or not, children’s designer clothing is in great demand and many international labels have special collections for the little ones. You might imagine that girls’ clothes are the main focus, but that’s not necessarily true. Designer boys clothes are equally popular and if you have a browse in an online store you’ll see that there are many exclusive creations for little guys who enjoy looking good. If you’re one of the parents who believes that children’s clothing is not worth the investment, you should think again, because there are many reasons why switching to a higher end brand is better.

The first reason invoked by parents who refuse to buy designer boys t shirts, shorts and hoodies is price. Why spend more than a couple of dollars on something that your child will outgrow in a few months? However, the association between designer clothing and high prices isn’t always valid. Not all designers sell their clothes for unreasonable amounts of money. For example, if you head over to Young And Moodie you’ll see that their prices are quite affordable and you won’t need thousands of dollars for your little boy’s wardrobe. With this in mind, price is more a misconception rather than a reality and you shouldn’t be afraid to look at kids’ designer clothing.

When it comes to the meaning of clothes, we can all agree that they’re not just something we put on to stay warm, but also a reflection of our personalities. And adults aren’t the only ones who have a personality. Your little boy has one as well and you should encourage him to dress in what he likes and express his individuality. Conventional children’s clothing stores may have hundreds of items for you to choose from, but nothing really stands out. All products look like generic uniforms: pink for girls, blue for boys, with the same cartoon prints that have already become annoying. Designer clothes are different. They have fun, unique prints and patterns that really are worth the money and that look much better on your child. You can encourage him to have his unique sense of style from an early age.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget about quality. Compared to the low-end, cheap clothes you can find in a regular store, designer clothes are of much higher quality. This translates as two things: first, the fabric feels better and is more durable, so it can go through numerous washing machine cycles without stretching and losing its shape. Secondly, designer kids’ clothing is made with safety in mind, so the materials used in their manufacturing are safe for their sensitive skin, does not cause irritations or allergies. Needless to say, the dyes used to colour them is non-toxic, which should be a relevant aspect for any parent who wants the best for their son.