When trying to buy a new inkjet printing device, you have to choose the right one according to your needs. One important feature that you should take into consideration when purchasing a new printing device is the print head. You should know that different manufacturers use different print heads and maybe you want to buy a printing device that has a thermal print head and the manufacturer you selected does not produce inkjet printing devices with that type of print heads. You should do a lot of research before actually purchasing it and when you are sure that a certain model is suited for you, you should buy it. There are two models of print heads that people are looking for nowadays, and you can find all the details you need to know about them, in the following lines

Konica KM1024 LHB 42PL is a piezo on-demand print head, and it is known as a shear mode and robust device. It can be used in both 8 level greyscale mode and binary and it provides to its user a customizable drop size. You can benefit from having a high print quality without having to use other additional print heads. If you choose to purchase a printing device that has this print head, you will benefit from having a reduced power consumption, which is driven by using lower voltages. These two features make it a ?green? device and it shows the manufacturer?s care for the environment. Its native resolution is of 360dpi, and it has a droplet size of 42 pico litre. It also features 1024 nozzles and a print width of 72 mm. It can be used with both solvent and UV inks. Because it has increased grey-scale levels, it gives you the possibility of producing richer tones. It is an ultra-slim print head and it can be mounted very closely together. This feature allows you to not have any alignments errors in the traverse or transport system. The printing devices that use this type of print heads are perfect for you if you need to use this device in the industrial domain.

Ricoh Gen4 is a print head that has integrated thermistor and heater and is compatible with a wide range of inks water, UV, oil and solvent. It operates at 60? C and it comes with 384 chemicals. It features a native drop volume of 7 pico-litre. The manufacturer designed this device in two different cable lengths of 44 cm long and 19 cm long. You can also choose from an o-ring sealed ink inlet or a hose barb ink inlet. The American manufacturer designed its print heads to be suitable for doing multiple types of applications. He offers print heads that are perfect for creating electronic depositions, 3D modeling and a wide range of format graphics. You can the Konica KM1024 LHB and Ricoh Gen4 print heads online from http://printheads-online.com/, which provides a wide variety of print heads, and ships them all over the world.