If you are planning to start a business based (or including) on selling liquor in Florida, you should know that there are several things you should know. Since alcohol is such a controversy subjects, you will have to deal with a lot of law-related issues and also a lot of paperwork to do, authorizations to obtain and so on. The institution you have to address is Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing (the ABT), but in case you have no experience in the field, the best thing to do is to collaborate with an expert, who will know exactly what you need and will offer you specialized advice regarding this topic. Get in touch with a professional company, such as Liquor License Locators, and they will take care of everything on your behalf. However, you have to inform yourself a bit in advance, in order to know what you commit to, and which will be your rights and obligations. Many people have no idea what a liquor business is about, and this article could be really helpful.

To begin with, in case you want to obtain a license for selling alcoholic beverages, there are many methods available. No matter which your choice will be, you will have to complete an application form, which you will receive from the entitled authorities, and some additional pieces of information necessary for the ABT office in order to approve your request. There are many means through which you can purchase the liquor license application: you either pick it up from the ABT, they send it to you or you find it on the internet. For beer and wine, you will have two main options: a consumption-on-premise or a package license, but if you collaborate with a professional company, they will advise you and let you know which one you need. In case you are planning to open a restaurant, where you want to serve alcoholic beverages, you should look for a special license, dedicated to restaurant owners. This can be easily obtained only if certain criteria are met (you have to prove your collaboration with a restaurant and at least 51% of its revenues have to be obtained from the other products it is selling), and is commonly known by the abbreviation SRX. The main advantage of this type of license is that as soon as the necessary papers are submitted, you can ask for a temporary license, and as soon as this one is issued, you will be able to start your business.

Another common question that many people ask is how much does a liquor license Florida cost. In case you have no idea about this, you should just let the company you are working with take care of this. They will be able to inform you about the total amount of money you have to pay, since they know exactly all the costs and additional taxes. Most of the times, this depends on the type of drinks you will want to sell, so the prices vary.