As a legal term, personal injury means the harm an individual suffers, caused by someone else?s negligence. The most common types of personal injuries are represented by car (or other vehicles) accidents, work accidents and product?s liability, and as soon as one of this occurs, as a person involved, the best thing to do is inform competent authorities. Taking into consideration that law has strict regulations regarding these situations; the only manner in which you can take legal action is by hiring a professional personal injury lawyer. In addition to this, if certain terms are not respected, you may even not be able to get the appropriate compensation for the damage you have suffered. There are many companies offering legal consultancy on these matters, such as, and their employers will advise you and guide you through the legal process. Most of the times, for cases like defamation, the injured individual is compensation with some simple apologies, unless they are a public person and their image has been seriously affected by the false statements. There are, however, other situations more serious, such as injuries cause by car accidents, where the victims require not only material compensation, but also considerable emotional damages.

Car accidents are some of the most common injury cases lawyers all over the world deal with, and they normally happen because a person has not respected the rules of the road, which is why the persons harmed hare victims of their negligence. After causing an accident, the careless driver is responsible of paying the road accident compensation, involving material costs (repairing the car, for instance), medical expenses (if there are any physical injuries) and also emotional compensation (if there are any considerable losses). The amount of compensation is established by the insurance company or by competent authorities, and in case of serious injuries the expenses are not covered by the existing insurance. Furthermore, there are also some variables to be taken into consideration, such as the fault, intent and aggravating factors. Regardless the gravity of the situation, if you are ever involved in such an incident, you are strongly recommended to contact authorities as soon as possible, and also seek specialized help from a legal representative.

Another case of personal injury extremely common is represented by work accidents. Annually, millions of people all over the world suffer harm at their workplace, and most of the times this could have been avoided. For this reason, work accidents are considered to be the employer?s fault, since they have the obligation to protect their employees, so the accident is classified as a personal injury, whether it is a minor bruise, a serious injury (which can cost the employee their work capacity) or even fatalities. If you have a legal contract with the employer, it will be easier to get workplace accident compensation, but you also have to seek legal advice. A complaint will be made, and once competent authorities will analyze the situation, the injured individual will receive the due compensation.