Generally, windows appear to be solid and smooth, but they are not. They have several pores that actually attract environmental pollutants such as acid rain and slat water. Therefore, they immediately become dirty and unattractive, not to mention that the debris diminishes the glass?s integrity. If the panes are not cleaned on a regular basis, then they can become damaged and you will be required to replace them altogether. A cheaper solution is to clear up the glass more often. Clean windows are also the sign of a thriving business. The first thing that customers are likely to notice are the lighting and mood of the room. Therefore, you need to invest in window cleaning supplies and make the panes shine.

Washing the glass is a task that requires a lot of time and devotion. However, with the right tools and techniques the task can go a lot faster. Cleaning glass is more a matter of tools than effort. For the inside job, you will need a bucket, towels and a cleanser. Regarding the tools, you can choose between traditional ones or indoor sanitation kits. Above all, avoid using paper towels because they leave behind streaks. In addition to this, you should be using only microfiber cloths. A squeegee can be very useful, not to mention that it can be used both inside and outside. Taking into consideration that glass is a fine material, you can?t use just any water to clean. On the contrary, you have to avoid using hard liquids and buy distilled water if you are going to dilute the glass cleaner. The reason for this is that distilled liquid does not contain all the minerals that are present in tap water and it will not leave behind deposits. In order to catch potential spills, you need to place a towel beneath the pane. Remember to dust the windscreens because there is always some dust remaining from the last rainstorm. Equally important is to wipe the frame and to use a commercial cleaner rather than a vinegar and water solution. For the outer windows, you will have to work more because they have more dirt and stains. Spray the solution onto the cleaning cloth or squeegee from The Cleaning Warehouse and go over the surface starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom.

If you are not satisfied with traditional sanitation tools, then consider buying a water fed window cleaning pole. This way you will go over the surface in no time thanks to the system that offers superior cleaning power and you don?t even have to use chemicals. However, if the windows have been stained by hard water, then you have to purchase a commercial cleanser to remove calcium, lime and rust stains. It does not really matter what tools and cleansers you use as long as you keep the glass spotless. Last but not least, you have to wash the glass at least every few months in order to enjoy the effects of the sunlight.