Every bride wants to have a fun night out with the girls before she gets married, but not all women are eager to have that girls-gone-wild night where they do not remember anything. If you are the bridesmaid in charge of organizing the last fling before the right and you are looking for classy bachelorette party ideas, there are a few ways to make the evening fun, without doing something that you will regret the next day.


Bridal truth or dare

Make some personalized cards and write on one side a dare and on the other a truth question. Each one in turn must draw a card and do the dare. You should design the cards to be a combination of embarrassing and romantic dares and questions. One of the dares could be to ask a guy to buy you a drink or to dance on a particular song. If the person who draws the card refuses to do the dare, she must answer the question written on the back of the card. You could brainstorm together for ideas and the result will certainly be a lot of fun to put into practice. You could even get a Feyonce coffee mug and make the person refusing to do the dare take a sip out of it.


Take a baking class

To help the bride prepare for her new role as a wife, you could arrange a backing class that she can take together with all of you. It will be fun to bake and decorate some cupcakes from scratch and enjoy the results afterwards. You can choose a backing theme and even make a small contest to see which one of you can make the most beautiful decorations or the naughtiest ones. The point is to have fun!


Cocktail contest

If you want to get some alcohol involved as well, you can bring the party to your own home and create a cocktail contest. Each girl must create a special cocktail for the wedding. Who knows, perhaps you will actually obtain something tasty that will be served at the event! There are even specialized cocktail classes that you guys can take together, in which case you will not have to worry about supplies and just have fun mixing various ingredients!


Ban some words

This will be fun and will give you plenty of opportunities to laugh and enjoy your time. Choose a few words that are very hard to avoid and choose a punishment as well. It can be a dare, doing a shot or anything else that you might come up with.


These are just 4 classy bachelorette party ideas that you can try when you want to have fun together with the girls before the main event. If you want to buy any bachelorette party supplies, you can visit online stores such as ThreeTwoOne where you can find a wide variety of supplies that will make the party successful and enable you to organize the perfect bachelorette party for your friend.