The cosmetic industry has developed a lot in the past years, which is why you definitely have plenty of alternatives from which to choose even for the most basic products, such as soaps. Even if the aisle form the supermarkets are full of appealing items whose smell will make you feel like visiting a candy shop, you should know that these are not very beneficial for your skin. ?Soap? is a term that has been generalized a lot, but pay attention and read the labels, because you may be surprised to see that not all the items on the shelves are actually soaps. Most of them are labeled as ?beauty bars? or ?body bars? – that is because they are detergents and from a legal point of view, cannot claim to be soaps. The making process of organic handmade soap is different from that of the products available on the market, and most of the times these do not consist in anything good for your skin. The beneficial elements, such as glycerine (which is used for many other cosmetic products) have been replaced by synthetic agents and harsh chemicals, which are more likely to cause you irritation or dry your complexion.

You may think that there is no alternative, since all the manufacturers do this with their products, but you should know that you can always choose to buy from a handmade soap company. There are some businesses which provide qualitative and natural beauty bars ? these are the real soap that commercial manufacturers cannot claim to produce. Try to find a reputable one and use their items, and you will notice the beneficial changes within some weeks. The natural bars are not only healthy for your skin, but they are also eco friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment. Homemade soap is a delight for your complexion, a luxurious treat which can also become a nice and thoughtful gift for your friends or family. Simply Soaps, for instance, is the ideal place where you will find a wide variety of products, plenty of fragrances and good customer service, so that you can choose whatever you need and like.

The fact that it is homemade does not mean that a particular product is suitable for you, so you have to look carefully and understand the process of saponification. There are three different manners to obtain the natural soap. The one that is known by most people is the ?melt and pour? ? the result is a transparent bar consisting mostly in glycerine (it is not harmful for the skin, but it does not have too many beneficial proprieties). The other two methods are a hot and a cold process: the first one uses heat, while the latter does not and has a longer duration. Despite the fact that it is the most complex soap making method, it is also the one that delivers the best and most qualitative results. The all natural cold process soap bar is the best for your skin and for the planet, and once you try it, you will never go back to traditional cosmetic beauty bars.