In spite of the fact that Cancun is one of the most reputable beach resorts in the world, few people know its actual value. The city is situated on the islands of the Caribbean Sea, hiding one of the greatest international treasures, not only in terms of natural beauties but also in terms of culture and civilization. It is true that the region has earned its place among the top tourist destinations in the world due to luxurious services and peaceful crystalline beaches, but most Cancun activities also consist in cultural tours. Millions of people come here annually to relax and admire the incredible views, but they end up discovering a region with a great cultural value. The main heritage of the locals is represented not by the modern hotels and high class facilities, but by the ancient buildings belonging to their ancestors ? the Maya civilization.


Why are the ruins such in interesting attraction?

These rare attractions are something you cannot see every day, which is why in case you reach the Yucatan Peninsula, make sure you do not miss the opportunity to visit the Maya ruins. This unique culture is not only mysterious, but it also represents one of the most sophisticated influences the past has over the Western Hemisphere. Its peak was reached between 300 and 900 AD, when it consisted in more than 40 cities in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. The value of these tourist objectives is even greater, taking into consideration it is said that Cancun has the most beautiful remains inherited from the Mayan inhabitants – they have even become World Heritage Sites. Nowadays, most Cancun tours and excursions include a visit to at least one of the existing runs.


The particularities of Cancun Mayan ruins

What makes the ruins from the Yucatan Peninsula really special is their majestic architecture and the fact that they have a rich pas. Chichen Itza, El Rey, El Meco, Tulum, Coba and Uxmal are only some of the places tourists struggle to see around Cancun, during their trips organized by Olympus Tours. Some of these buildings were created to honor ancient gods, others were used as fortresses aiming to protect the city, while others were considered sacred places, destined to religious ceremonies. Sometimes, these were represented by human sacrifices, made in order to appease and nourish the local gods ? this makes the remains even more mysterious and special. In addition to this, it is well known that the Mayans were dedicating a lot of time to mathematics and astronomy, and they even got to the point where these sciences were integrated in their religious rituals. This may be the reason why most of their temples were pyramids made of stone ? the resistant material made them last even after thousands of years of existence. Another appealing characteristic is the fact that the unique architecture and design were put into practice with rudimentary methods and manual tools, since this ancient civilization could not benefit of any modern or automated machines. These are only some of the reasons why analyzing them is something fascinating not only for those interested in eccentric cultures, but also for ordinary tourists.