When you leave in a crowded town, you want to get quickly from one place to the other, so you may want to buy a car to ease your daily activities. The main feature you should look when buying a city car is to be designed to fit narrow streets and small parking places. A city car is the smallest type of car that behaves very well in a heavy traffic and it still provides you comfort. You can choose from a lot of city cars, and they have many benefits, as low running costs, practical interiors and offer a comfortable ride for its user. Australia designated Mitsubishi Melbourne Mirage ES best micro car of 2014.

Mitsubishi Mirage ES is the lucky winner of 2014 Australia?s Best Cars, at micro cars category. It was the first time when the micro cars category was included in Australia?s Best Cars, and this reflects the big popularity these little functional cars have. It was highly appreciated for its safety and low price. Because it is priced under 415,000, the Mirage is placed alongside the most affordable cars from Mitsubishi parts Melbourne. Besides being one of the most affordable micro cars, this little beauty gets high scores for fuel economy and maintenance. It was rated with five stars ANCAP for safety, and this feature placed it on the winner position. This is just a plus that a buyer gets, because this car has also an electronic stability control and six airbags that include head protection.

On the 2nd place, it is found Nissan Micra ST. This little one was placed lower that Mirage because it was rated with only four stars ANCAP for safety. It is a pleasure to handle and ride Nissan Micra and ergonomically it is placed just behind the winner. It is a flexible car in traffic thanks to its five speed manual transmission. The car on the 3rd position is Holden Barina Spark CD that is offered by the manufacturer to check all the requirements of a driver for an entry-level car. Its price of running and the cost for repair are low, representing a plus alongside fuel economy and insurance. It is perfect for you if you are a person that has a budget-constrained list or micro cars. This car is rated with four stars ANCAP despite having electronic stability control and six airbags. It is placed on such a lower position because even if it has the same overall size as the first two ones, it feels narrower than they do. Although it has narrower seats, users say that their shape is very good for support. This little one has more torque and power and a five-speed manual transmission. All these three cars are perfect the perfect choice for you if you are a busy person that has lot activities to do in the city. However, if you want to buy a new or used Mitsubishi Mirage ES, you can find the perfect one on alanmancemitsubishi.com.au, which is a local car dealer that provides a wide range of Mitsubishi cars.