Ben Boyd National Park is a national park in New South Wales, Australia very popular among tourists. This park invites you to discover rare wildlife and its intriguing history involving Aboriginal middens and heritage lighthouse. Family trips in this region are bound to be amazing, considering the fact that you can enjoy beautiful rugged scenery together with the little ones, teaching them to love and respect nature. Parks will always be fascinating places for children and the Ben Boyd National Park will definitely be a success. Bound to help you relax and to intrigue the kids, the park offers an impressive display of colourful rocks and sheltered inlets. With over 45 km of rocky coastline and sapphire blue waters, the park is the perfect location for an escapade in nature. There are few places in the world that can compare with the rare scenery of this park that will mesmerise you on the spot. A little corner of heaven, a place where you can breathe the freshest air and observe the best tricks of nature, the Ben Boyd National Park is definitely a sight to behold. What is more, there are plenty of things you can do here that will help you spend some quality time with your family.


How long has it been since you took your family to a picnic in nature? Ben Boyd National Park offers plenty of spots where you can enjoy delicious food surrounded by stunning scenery. There is nothing better for the family than going for a long and peaceful walk in the park with a bag of packed food with you, stopping only to observe the beauty of nature more closely and to eat from time to time. The Light to Light walk is perfect for any age, so you can take your whole family including the grandparents for a relaxing walk. This walking route is famous in the area, because of the sheer beauty of the scenery, but also because of its low difficulty. There are plenty of routes you can choose from, most of them without any level of difficulty, so you can take a new route every morning depending on your mood. There are many things you can see in this park and many places to explore. Taking your children out to a secret lookout to see the whales is also a great idea. Children love nature and the wildlife here will leave them with beautiful memories.


You can also go fishing in this park. Enjoy the best feeling in the world while waiting for the fish to bite, because this park offers sights you will never get bored watching. If you need some time off to clear your head and escape the stress from the big city, this can become your little corner of heaven. All in all, Ben Boyd National Park is a great vacation destination for people that enjoy spending time in nature. You can find accommodation in this park at affordable prices by contacting A week in this place will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the entire world.