Cisco Collaboration infrastructure portfolio is made of many elements and the main important is a platform dedicated to call control, named Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This platform has been created to make sure the right experiences are delivered to the correct end point. CUCM offers two types of products, CDR and CMR, and both of them involve storing call history and diagnostic information. Call Detail Records is the first one, in charge with storing data through records consisting in information about all the calls which have somehow involved a call manager. The second type of product is represented by Call Manager Records, and involves information about the quality of services ? this is mostly a diagnostic records manager. The moment you install a new system, you have in your device both systems, but the CDR is enabled by default, while the CMR is disabled. However, both can be modified manually by the user of the system whenever they want, with the only condition that the system is in operation. Cisco call accounting system is very useful for those who want to have an overview of their business and easy access useful data.

CDR and CMR functions have many benefits, because it can record all the inbound and outbound calls registered on the call manager system. The person who checks these recordings can see details about the call origin, destination, duration and also the exact time when the conversation started and ended. There are many clients who use Cisco call reporting services, including telecommunication companies, because it is extremely useful for their companies: it helps them generate bills, present detailed reports to their clients, track call activities and establish the most common issues in terms of customer service and capacity planning. The CDR, for instance, has many other functions: it maintains the files on the Repository node, gathers and stores files on the server, allows users to recover files on demand, using specialize interfaces, and can send files to many billing servers. In order to function in an efficient manner, it can also regularly remove files which are no longer relevant (because they have already been delivered). Since all the storage systems have limited space for data, making some spare room from time to time can be very important. When the space is full, the CDR manager selects the files which have not been used for a long time and eliminates them. The process does not alter any data, and in the unfortunate case when this happens, or if an error occurs and relevant data is deleted, the system is provided with additional applications which can recover most of the historical information.

These types of services have become more and more popular in the past years, due to their utility and efficiency, both in terms of finances and in terms of results. This Cisco software is the best choice if you are say a general manager and you want to have full control of your business? situation. Variphy is one of the most reputable providers of such services, and it enables clients to have access to incoming or outgoing calls or analyze changes in terms of information storage.