Assisted living is a concept spread all over the world in various forms. It represents a housing facility, offering basic care and not only for elderly people, but also for those suffering from superficial disabilities. There are specialized programs offering such services, like Room2Care, and these facilitate the connection between both parties, the coordination by tertiary health care providers and they also monitor the caregiver?s activity, to ensure a safe, healthy and beneficial environment for the person in need. Very often, this kind of assistance has also a financial backup and administration, because most of the expenses are refunded: medication costs, transportation fees or any other additional expenses. The concept used nowadays has been launched in the 1990s and it represents an alternative to nursery houses or constant medical care. The main purpose of the concept of assisted living is promoting independence and dignity for those who are no longer young, but can still have a decent standard of life.

In the United States, the assisted senior living facilities represent a reputable option for those who need help, not only as far as care is concerned but also in financial terms. The practice has been regulated by the national competent authorities in more than two thirds of the total number of states, which is why more and more people have begun to embrace it. Assisted living is also known under the name of residential care home, assisted care or personal care homes ? these varies according to each state, but there is no considerable difference between them. There is, however a considerable difference between assisted living and nursing homes, even if many people misunderstand the concepts: while for the first one, the main goal is to maintain the autonomy of the senior through basic care, the latter one is recommended for those who need intensive and advanced medical care.

This type of care is perfect for those who are elderly and feel that they could use some help, but they are not helpless enough to be hospitalized or require specialized medical care. The individuals who can no longer live alone, by their own, but do not need 24/7 specialized personnel to take care of them or they are simply not old enough to go to a retirement home can simply benefit from these programs. The basic care provided by a younger person is simply helping them go on with their lives in a similar manner as before, keeping their own house and sharing their existence with somebody else. This type of senior living facility is beneficial both for the person receiving support, but also for the ones offering it. Not only they make a great gesture for someone in need, helping the surrounding communities, but they also receive something in exchange: a low cost living space and, of course, the pleasant feeling of doing something useful for a helpless person. To sum up, the main purpose of assisted living is making the elderly feel appreciated; live in an emotional, cultural and intellectual community while also being independent.