The term shoes can designate a lot of things, and for those who are not familiarised with moccasins or loafers, the differences can be very confusing. Men footwear has a long history behind, and the moccasins have been worn by men in the US for ages, in ancient times when fashion was not one of humans? concerns. Nowadays, this type of shoes has become very popular and can be worn at almost any occasion, but few people know how they actually appeared. There have been a lot of variations in time, from mocs to mens suede slippers. The moccasin is a heelless shoe made of leather, which can have either strong or soft sole, depending on the purpose for which it is worn. Sometimes, the upper part of the shoe is embellished with various ornaments. Initially, genuine moccasins worn by American Indian tribes did not have a separate sole, but soft leather, to suit the environment. However, taking into consideration that they have become a street style item, these no longer serve current purposes, which is why they have suffered certain modifications. Nowadays, Norwegian loafers are often mistaken by moccasins, and even if they look similar, this is technically incorrect.


Even if many people still consider moccasins as originating in North America, there are official records of the fact that they have been introduced in the US about 30,000 years ago, from Asia. This proves that the shoes were initially worn by Indian inhabitants, who adapted them to their needs and to the environment (vegetation and climate) where they used to live. For this reason, various versions of the moccasins appeared, slightly different from the original ones. Depending on the climate and regions where they were worn, the shoes were divided into two categories: hard sole and soft sole moccasins. The first category was used in the western areas of North America, due to the landforms: plains and deserts, while the second type belonged to the Eastern part, dominated by woodlands and forests. In addition to this, another criterion that led to different styles was the tribe who wore them. These were so distinct that people could even tell to which tribe others belonged, only based on the shoes they used to wear. The shoes were created for comfort and practical reasons, and thus mens moccasin slippers rapidly spread to European settlers.


Nowadays, they have become an extremely fashionable piece of men?s wardrobe, and they can be matched to almost any style. There are many brands, such as DARA Shoes, offering a wide variety of luxury moccasins. While some people prefer to wear them as a casual element of their daily outfits, others prefer to use them around the house, due to the fact that they are extremely comfortable. They are made of soft leather such as deer or buffalo leather, and are assembled inside out, in order to maintain comfort. Ages ago, each tribe used their own decorations in order to create a clear distinction, and nowadays there are also various ornaments, for style reasons.