The origins of coffee are explained through various legends, depending on each region, and some of these may consist part of the truth. In Ethiopia, for instance, it is said that a man discovered coffee after he noticed that due to a plant they used to eat, his goats could no longer sleep at night. The locals started making a drink from the beans of the plant and saw how it would keep them awake and energized. The news began to spread, soon enough coffee reached the Arabian Peninsula and then it managed to become popular all around the globe. Nowadays, there are coffee shops and cafes in most of the cities of the world, and coffee bean wholesale suppliers are striving to fulfil the increasing demand.


The main reason why Arabica is well known by most people is because the Arabs were the first people to grow and trade coffee. Records confirm that the Yemeni district was one of the places where coffee cultivation started, followed by Persia, Egypt or Turkey. The first cafes appeared in the Near East, because people started to have the drink not only at home, but also in public places. Coffee houses started to appear in more and more big cities, and their popularity was due not only to the fact that they served the tasty drink, but also because they enabled people to get engaged in various social activities: meaningful conversations, listening to music or even playing games and finding out the latest local news. Tourism was the element that helped coffee go over the boundaries of the Arabian Peninsula: since thousands of people visited the city of Mecca annually, they brought back to their countries the word about the wine of Araby, as it was known at the moment. Stories about the dark beverage arrived in Europe due to travellers, who were fascinated by the flavoured energetic drink, so by the 17th century coffee also become popular on the old continent. There were plenty of controversies around the consumption of this black liquid, but it was eventually approved. The most important cities from Italy, France, UK or Germany started to have centres of social activity, where coffee was the main beverage served. It is said that only in London, by the mid-17th century, there were more than 300 coffee houses, and most of their clients were people who shared the same interests, such as art, games or politics.

Nowadays, coffee beans UK are in high demand, not only by individual buyers but also by business owners.

Most restaurants around the world serve coffee on a daily basis, and there are also plenty of places specialized in selling all sorts of coffee. Companies such as Smokey Barn Coffee Limited are in charge with providing these places the best products, so that those passionate about the drink can enjoy their daily cup of happiness. Due to its huge popularity, coffee is now grown in many regions, from Asia to Africa, South America or Europe, each of them leaving its own mark on this ancient plant from Ethiopia.