Bicycles are the simplest ways of transportation and workout, and although they remained based on the same principles, they changed a lot over the centuries. From the 1418 bike, initially created by Giovanni Fontana, to modern bikes and accessories like those awesome bike boxes for sale, many changes have occurred in this human powered vehicle over the time. Intrigued already? Then you must know the futuristic mind of someone in the Middle Ages, sketched a rudimentary version of our modern bike in 1493. Oddly enough, it only has been recently discovered, in 1974.

Known under a variety of names over the time, the Celerifere, a strange bicycle powered by a horse, then “the running machine”, of course, the equivalent in German, “the pedestrian curricle” or “velocipede” was finally mass-produced in 1890, becoming the go-to transportation alternatives for masses. During a rail strike, in 1890, mail was delivered by bicycles along the established mail route between Fresno and San Francisco, California. Later, in 1897, also in America, the bicycle generates a great history of the black African-American army corps, who chooses travelling from Montana to St. Louis by bicycle, over 2,000 miles. That was a great part of the American history, illustrated in 2000 by the Stuhr Museum in Nebraska in a documentary, named, quite descriptively “The Bicycle Corps: America’s Black Army on Wheels”. However, army using bicycles became a common place with the British corps using them in 1901 in the Second Anglo-Boer war is South Africa. Although cycling was not something unusual for women, the first moment of glory on the two wheeled world emerged for them in 1958, when Balina Ermolaeva first became first woman to win the World’s Sprint race.

Nowadays, companies continually release accessories for those cycling junkies, making the possibility of taking them when travelling more than possible. This Bicycle Travel Case is perhaps the best invention from them, making it so much easier to take a bicycle into a plane. Cycling has many forms nowadays; those passionate are willing to take them on vacations for experiencing thrilling adventures in breathtaking places. Mountain biking offers to those who practice it high levels of adrenaline, world cycling tours offer professionals world recognition and fame, prizes and their country’s a great honor for being the home country of skilled and passionate individuals challenging their bodies and aptitudes in competing with others from around the world. In a world dominated by motorized transportation means, being a cyclist becomes a preferred alternative. This tells a lot about the lifestyle changes happening lately, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

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