People have started investing both time and money in properly organising their garage, having seen that this space can be rather valuable, when it comes to storing all sorts of items. Indeed, the specialised market greatly supported this initiative bringing forward various storage systems you could make use of. Some people seem to prefer wood shelves because of their aspect, however in some situations, metal shelves for garage applications are much more suitable, as this material can withstand humidity much, much better than wood, proving to be a long-term solution. Still, if you are worried about the way in which your garage will look, once you finished installing them, you could take up one of the tips below to beautify them. This way, you will enjoy double the win. So, here are 6 simple, yet brilliant ideas anyone can put into practice to improve the appearance of a metal shelving system.


#1 Use stickers

This idea is not only simple to put into practice, but it also cost effective. Funny and joyful stickers can be easily found and come in great numbers, especially on the online market. Make sure you search a few specialised websites and choose some stickers that represent you. In the end, you are in charge of appearances.


#2 Painting your metal shelves

As you know very well, metal shelving for garage has that simple, silver appearance. Go out shopping and buy a few paint cans, preferably in bright, lively colours like red or pink or yellow and start working. Paint the shelves in your favourite colours and the entire storage system will instantly look much better.


#3 Draw attention with colourful boxes

This is a simple solution to what might have seemed a complicated situation. Since you need all the storage options you can get, you might think twice about saying no to boxes, especially when these come in strong colours and have fun designs. Also, you could label these boxes and organise your items even better.


#4 Use contact paper

Contact paper does make a great idea of completely changing the appearance of regular silver metal shelving. All you have to do is settle for the right design and buy as much contact paper of this kind as you need. You could choose different patterns for each one of your shelves.


#5 Cover shelves with flowers

This might sound a bit strange, as there are not that many flowers that grow in the dark. However, it is doable. For instance, tulip bulbs are a great suggestion, as these plants need shade and humidity and so are pansies and amaryllis. Also, if these don?t work, you could always decorate your metal shelves with plastic flowers. At least, you know they are forever.


#6 Just hide them

This is much like the finale solution. In case none of the ideas mentioned above proves to be successful, you could always purchase curtain fabric and use it to cover up the metal shelving system altogether. If you add bows to tie them up, it might just look better than you thought.


As you can see, there are plenty of ideas to battle with the cold aspect of the usual metal shelves for garage, so you can go ahead and buy the best suitable shelving for your storage needs. Now all you need to find is a supplier that can provide you with the actual shelving system, such as Rapid Racking Ltd, an experienced, trustworthy company.