With more than 400 solar panel companies registered in Los Angeles, homeowners keen on installing renewable energy technology might find it a bit difficult to choose the right person or company to work with. As in any other sales industry, bad practice and aggressive sales tactics are a by product of solar installer Los Angeles companies too, so if you are determined to have these installed, then you need to thoroughly research the market and know exactly how to differentiate between the wheat and the chaff. Due to the city?s geographical position and the many hours of sun it gets per day, as well as many days per year, solar energy in Los Angeles is very popular, hence the great development of the market. To that extent, if you are on the market for an installer to fit these panels on your house, then here are 5 questions you definitely need to ask.


  1. Are you certified?

As mentioned above, there are many, many companies operating within this industry in LA, such as ASW Solar, and the first factor that separates the potentially good ones from the bad seeds is having a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, otherwise known as the NABCEP. If the company has other certifications as well, such as from The Roofing Institute or SolarWorld, then it?s even better and you can usually see these certifications on the company?s website or simply ask the question when you are asking for a quote.


  1. Is my roof suitable?

Many home owners who are fans of solar energy in Los Angeles think that panels go on the roof no matter what, but the truth is that there are various mounting solutions and the solar installer in Los Angeles should be able to provide you with the best suitable one. Not all roofs are strong enough for such an installation and you should know this beforehand, in order to either acknowledge what other mounting option would be best or how to strengthen your roof, as well as the extra costs involved.


  1. What does the quote include?

Speaking of extra costs, many companies specialized in solar energy in Los Angeles provide initial quotes that are not all inclusive and you need to know from the start what you are paying for. As an example, you could ask the solar installer in Los Angeles whether or not the quote includes the above-mentioned strengthening of the roof or a monitoring solution or anything else that may come up, as the quote should always be given after your house has been evaluated.


  1. How long is the warranty valid for?

Usually, all solar panels, regardless of brand and manufacturer have 20 years warranty, but the workmanship is another story. Different companies within the field offer different warranties and that is an important factor to take into account.


  1. Who will actually install the panels?

This may sound surprising, but the truth is that you might be dealing with one company when it comes to quotes and initial analysis and a totally different one when the day comes for the actual installation to begin. This is because many companies outsource the installation work, which is not something you want. Go for companies that employ in house technicians and installers.