If you have to park your car outside, because there is no longer room inside the garage, it is high time you got your garage cleaned and your stuff organised. People generally tend to put everything they no longer use or need in the garage, thinking they will use them at some point in the future. This is obviously a white lie. In reality, they cannot bear to part with their belongings and would rather clutter storage spaces than throw them away. Besides owning too much stuff, not making proper garage storage plans is another reason why garages tend to get messy. While disposing of the things you no longer use is essential when cleaning the garage, proper racking and shelving can help you maintain things organised in the future. Here are five tips to a successful decluttering process , including shelving ideas for garage.


  1. When organising the garage, you should first take out everything inside and sort them out according to their importance. Make a pile with the faulty and broken items, which will go directly in the bin, another one with stuff you no longer need, but others might find useful, which you can donate, and preferably a smaller pile with the items you will keep and return to the garage. You will need to be ruthless and leave nothing useless behind, especially worn out things.


  1. With your garage empty and clean, you can finally make some garage storage plans. To ensure that you will not repeat your past mistake, park your car inside and measure the space you can use for storage. It is essential to work within the space you have when making the racking and shelving plan, instead of wasting time looking for shelving ideas for garage that will never work with your limited space. Drawing zones for the things you own, especially the bulky ones will help you find the ideal racking system easier.



  1. When making garage storage plans, you should prioritise safety. Purchase only high quality racking and shelving systems from leading suppliers such as Rapidracking.com, and make sure you do not store hazardous solutions within reach of children and pets. After checking shelving ideas for garage, you will notice that plastic shelves are quite popular, but you should avoid them. Although vividly coloured shelves will help you organise your stuff easier and they look great, they are not sturdy enough for most of the items inside the garage.


  1. Organise everything according to importance. If you place the things you are using on a daily basis on an easily accessible shelf, you will not need to turn everything upside down every time you use them. Keeping your garage organised and clean will be much easier this way.



  1. Declutter your garage at least once a year. No matter how careful and organised you are, the garage is bound to become messy after a while. Cleaning it from time to time is practical.